On-line reviews, seriously?

yoga pantsI started shopping for comfortable pants at a new place earlier this year. We have a brick and mortar store about 20 minutes away but occasionally they run specials with free shipping on-line. I like that because if I don’t like it I can return it to the store but I don’t have to go to the store to buy it. Win-win (even if it doesn’t fit).

However….and there always is a however….

The different lines have slightly different sizing.

*bangs head on desk*

So I did what most people do. I read the reviews.

*bangs head on desk again*

What is it about reviews that people don’t understand?

I want to know the obvious. Is the sizing the same as what you always wear? If not, did you size up or down? Is the color as described? Anything wonky? Pockets odd or stick out? Camel-toe?

What I get are inane comments that don’t make sense.

Here are some of my favs. Keep in mind that these reviewers are anonymous so there is no point in trying to make yourself look good (or thin).

“Love these capris. Too bad they only come in black. I’m 5’5″, 140 lbs. and I took an extra small.” (In your dreams honey!)

“Good fit. I’m 5’1” and weigh 105 and an extra small fit perfect” (Comparing this to the last reviewer, this fabric must have some stretch to it!)

“They changed the style from last year. Last year’s fit better. I liked last year’s better.” (Ok, so where can I buy last year’s style?)

“Love it! Haven’t worn it yet but it looks nice.” (Many things look nice but don’t work out! That’s why we date before we marry.)

“Didn’t like the green color.” (Why did you buy the green? It looks pukey on the internet site. I can’t imagine anyone buying it!)

“The material is too heavy.”

“The material should be heavier.” (You and the previous commenter should get together.)

“Love the pants except the waist, hip and butt didn’t fit right. You will probably be ok unless you are hard to fit in the waist, hip and butt. (I don’t even know what to say.)

At the last sale I got a pair of Capri pants (that are more like ankle length on me) in a different fabric. They are stretchy and comfortable without being baggy or tight. My standard size fit perfectly. The fabric get snags (none of my other pants do) so I wouldn’t buy them again unless they were dirt cheap (which they were).

Reviewers fascinate me. Three years ago I wrote another piece on reviews that discussed other products (and more snarky comments). You can access it here.




48 thoughts on “On-line reviews, seriously?

  1. Kate … I have ordered clothes online from two places: Life is Good and L.L. Bean. Both were true to the sizes I’d buy in a store – except for one raincoat. Yes, they do have a return policy. (I have no explanation for why I failed to do so.) I’d much rather try clothes on in a store. That way, if I don’t like how it looks, it goes back on the rack.

    Commenters can be snarky. I’m not sure I’d depend on their opinion any more than I would an overly-enthusiastic sales person trying to meet their daily quotas. 😉


    • I order from LL Bean too although we have a store nearby. The store doesn’t always have my size. We have a Plow and Hearth and they carry Life is Good but most of my LIG shirts I got at the beach.


  2. I always like the trolls that say things like “Oh, I got a small but it was just sooo big I returned for the XS, but it’s still big, so going for the XXS. Advise everyone to order 2 sizes down. (Yeah, right…makes as much sense as your twin up there who says to order everything 2 sizes larger)
    Who are these people and how ever do they have so much spare time to run around and post this garbage ( yes, seen you on all those other sites, too …with the same nonsense)
    Sigh. Wil be forced to go try stuff on…maybe if it gets cooler….and can’t find any excuse not to go…oh, look. The dog wants out!


  3. This cracked me up Kate! 😄
    We must have visited the same sites! SO true … and frustrating. All I want to know is does it run small or large and whether its value for money.
    Of course, if I can return it to the store down the road, even better!


    • I know! Sometimes they go on about things that aren’t related but don’t give details on the product. I love book reviews. You have to be so careful or someone gives you the ending too. Techie reviews are long and detailed. Good for further confusing me.

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  4. Buying online is like an oasis in the desert. It looks wonderful from a distance. But then you get stuff delivered and size 8’s are literally made for 8 year olds. Its frustrating. Plus returning can be a nightmare. Still, I do it. It helps to find a place where you know the sizing well. That can make the experience bearable. Anything to avoid the fitting rooms.


  5. When I find something I like that fits I buy multiples. You can never have too many black,navy,dark brown pants! And I always read the reviews and kind of average out what they say.


  6. I dream of buying clothes online but with no brick and mortars nearby, it’s risky business. I read all the reviews which usually say nothing. Then I pour over sizing charts which may or may not be accurate. I keep looking at the models for some hint of a normal female figure to no avail. I fall somewhere between L, XL and Plus and on rare occasions – M! So, I wind up not buying anything that has to fit. Sigh.


    • I am more likely to buy on-line if there is a brick and mortar store nearby. I’m a lot like you but at the other end. I’m usually a small, occasionally and extra small and rarely a medium. Sometimes it depends on the brand sometimes I have no idea why. I loved your comment about looking for a hint of a normal figure. I look for that too. Haven’t seen one except for the “elder” clothing catalogs.


  7. It actually drives me crazy that everybody wants reviews when you buy something from them. Best Buy actually asked me to review a reem of printer paper! How much time do folks think we have?


  8. I never understand it when a product has 99% rave reviews and 1% “this is the most terrible thing ever.” What’s up with that?? But, I live in the country so online shopping is great for me.


  9. Reviews are a very subjective thing and should be taken with a grain of salt, but you’re right, if someone us going to take the time to write a review, give me something I’d like to know and not just the obvious.


    • I read those for entertainment. They love the recipe but didn’t use any of the ingredients. I do listen up when people say the salt was too much or it was too sweet because I don’t like real salty or sweet especially in an entrée dish.

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  10. I only shop online for styles of clothes that I already own, so that I know what size to buy. Even then some stores change the cut of clothes without telling me, the customer. And strangers who review products don’t make shopping any easier. Putting all of that aside, so what did you buy?


    • Athleta Azur capri. Their capris are like ankle pants on me but you can push them up. Liked everything but the snagging. The fabric has the look of pique. They had knickers which are just below the knee (and a better summer pant) but the clearance colors were too wild. The reviews are mostly from Metro Slouch which I consider perfect. I tried the La Viva line but I was between sizes and the waist was fluffy for me. (I have a small waist so some pants balloon out.) That fabric was lightweight, good for summer.


        • Me too. I’m not a “colored pants” person. Every year I buy a bright blue or gorgeous maroon pair of sport pants and never wear them. I stick to the basics. The problem with sales is that it’s always about what didn’t sell — like the stupid bright prints they want to splash all over my ass.

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  11. Yep, I am all about finding that one piece that fits and looks decent and buying it in several colors.

    It’s really hard to figure out fit from reviews, but I’m always happy when they say something useful. like “thin material!”


    • I like to look for reviews from people like me — older, small in size. Waist gap is a problem I sometimes have. With pants (I never consider them the focal point of my outfit but the background), if I find something I like and it fits and washes well, I buy it in navy, brown and an extra black right away before they change the fabric, colors or sizing. I have some old (maybe 6 to 8 years old) Chico’s pants that were the original ponte pull up pants (no zippers but no bulky waist either). I have 5 pair and they are still my go to for dressy comfort. When I worked they were in the laundry every week. They discontinued the line although they still have ponte pants. The leg was perfect — not wide or skinny but went over short boots nicely. Especially good for dinner out. Burp!

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  12. Hahaha, these are so typical of so many reviews, unfortunately! Even when I call the company to ask about fit, I can’t get a simple, sensical (as opposed to nonsensical) answer. I love my old Talbot’s black yoga pants (more like stretchy and baggy), but now nobody seems to have ones like those.


    • That’s how it always goes especially with underwear! If you like something, buy a case! I only buy shoes on line when necessary. There is a specific New Balance shoe that I like and every few years I buy it. It runs small (which is why I like it — narrow feet). There is a note on the website where I buy it that it runs small and most people should size up. Very helpful and saves them on returns.

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      • I almost only wear a certain model of New Balance. Probably the opposite one of yours–993. I have black, navy, gray, and pink. Oh, and white, which I rarely wear. I am only sad they don’t have tan. Of course, I usually wear the black. I agree about a case. There is an Eileen Fisher top I wish I had a case of. I wouldn’t need any other tops!!


  13. When I try on clothes, MY OPINION is the ONLY OPINION that matters ~> does it fit? do I like the color? is the fabric too see-through? too clingy? too long? too short? too baggy? too tight? Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

    Since I like to try before I buy, I’ve sworn off on-line shopping for clothes.


    • I will do LL Bean and Lands End because I’m familiar with their lines. I will also order a second one of something if I already have one. I have sworn off ordering shoes on-line unless I tried them on somewhere and know they would work. My feet aren’t standard. There are lots of other things I do order on-line.


  14. This is so funny and true. I’d like to read the reviews to help my decision making process but they’re more for entertainment value. The material is too heavy vs the material could be heavier. Ugh! On the flip side, I’ve ordered patio furniture and a metal bench online and were happy with both, even after reading the reviews. My favorite was the one who said the bench really couldn’t hold 2 people safely. Really? Bill and I have been sitting on that thing all summer and it’s been fine. Wonder how much the reviewer and their partner weighed.


    • I’m afraid to order furniture on-line but I was recently at a model home that was furnished. There was a red leather club chair that I loved. They don’t use expensive furniture for those so I went on line and found it. In this case I know what it’s like (very comfortable) so I would order. I order towels on line because I like the bamboo ones (soft and fluffy) and I can’t get them locally. The real truth is that I’m losing interest in shopping and on-line is easier.

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  15. “…that’s why we date…” lol
    I need new windows and one site chose what reviews to initially show you. There were five very positive reviews. When I clicked to see all reviews, there were 75% negative reviews. Hmph. 8)


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