Sassy cats – The cat-bernacle choir

Gracie here. We had a lot of choir practice this week. Both Morgan and Gus have personal toys that they carry around. When they do, they sing. Loudly. Mostly at night. In the middle of it. The peeps aren’t fans.

Morgan has always had her square of fleece. It’s about a foot square. Originally, it was on the cat tree but she ripped it off so she could carry it around and sing nursery rhymes to it. Very weird cat.

When Gus joined us, he brought a few toys from the shelter. It’s different here. He doesn’t have to fight for them because we all can have as many as we want. He likes to carry them around in his mouth and scream. Loudly. Mostly at night. At 3 a.m. This week he was singing an aria from Verdi’s Rigoletto. Very moving. So moving the peep got up and took his toy away! At 3:05 a.m.!

Morgan was into Carmen. She does a nice job of it! We’re including clips so you can see for yourself.

They hope you appreciate their work. Have a great weekend. The peeps are going to catch up on their sleep!

40 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The cat-bernacle choir

    • I always seem to have at least one night cat! Gracie on the other hand sleeps through the night. She will be sleeping in the same spot in the morning that she was when I went to bed.


  1. Thank heavens Teddy does NOT sing at night but he certainly does want attention. He visits me at least 4-5 times a night long enough to wake me up and get a quick back rub then he’s on his way while I struggle to get back to sleep. Then HE sleeps all day so he has the energy to drive me nuts at night. Something is WRONG with this picture!!!!!!

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. My cats are quiet. The only one that has anything to say is Jack. He lets me know when it’s time for breakfast. Thankfully Sophie has finally learned to let him wake me up and has finally stopped scratching the box spring of my bed at six am which was more than annoying.

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  3. Maggie liked to carry a blue and white striped plastic dumb bell around. It was a gift from my Mum, and on one occasion she took it into the car, walked it all the way round the park, along the beach. through the car park and back home before tucking it gently underneath her and falling asleep. It was her favourite Baby for years.

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  4. A fan of opera, especially Baroque and Classical, I’ d love a kitty serenade in operatic form! Mine just drags his tail across my face or pats my arm till he gets frustrated and puts some “Kitty Persuaders” (nails) into it.

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  5. We’ve always been a fan of Nessun Dorma and probably wouldn’t mind hearing it at 3:00 AM, then again…
    How funny, though it sounds like the humor of the late night serenades is missing at that hour. The goosebumps probably disturbed your sleep. 😹

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    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 You know her so well. She’s the only cat who does not have a personal toy. Or any toy at all. She screams for a pile of nip to roll in but that’s in the afternoon. Much more reasonable. So far I can’t tell what song she’s screaming!

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  6. Y’all need to come here and help me feed the kittens at 1 am. A little concert while they eat would be very classy — late night dinner and a concert!

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