Sassy cats — Good Lord what would they do without me?

Gracie here. What a week. The peeps are buying new furniture so it was a lot of work for all of us. (She’s hoping she will be back to normal soon. Ha! She doesn’t know what normal is.)

They made 87 trips to furniture stores. Sat in anything on display. Brought dozens of fabric samples home. All of them had to be sniffed and sat on, very exhausting!. Didn’t pick up any dog smells.

New furniture is different so they pushed stuff around to get an idea of how it would work. Then they went rug shopping. Oy vay! Rug samples are heavy and yes we had to sit on all of them.  (If the next people who borrow them have a dog, he will be happy to smell our messages.) Technically we cats picked out the carpet. It had to be something with enough color variation so the various hairball barfs won’t show. Did you know they make “pet proof” carpets? Cool!

Is this color too light? too dark? too busy? too whatever! It disrupted my life. To appease me, the peep fed me rotisserie chicken. I liked it and demanded more. Now I don’t want to eat anything else. Dinnertime with me is a nightmare. The peep is saying bad words. 

In all this commotion she was able to capture one of the lovers’ grooming sessions.

Hopefully everything will be finalized today and we all (you too!) will have a great and peaceful weekend!.

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Good Lord what would they do without me?

  1. Wow – I didn’t know they had pet proof carpets. My mom would be happy to hear that in the early 1960s, since our Cocker Spaniel Cocoa liked to go for a walk, then come into the house and squat and piddle on the hall carpet. His long and silky ears dragging into his food and water bowl were not a big draw either and he barely made it out of puppyhood before he was given away to owners that had more patience than my parents.

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  2. Gracie, I have to say I am a bit envious of the lady peep’s motivation for the shopping of the new furniture. I just can’t work up the energy. We had a not pleasant purchase recently that turned out to be a “not purchase” and it took it all out of me. We are pretty particular when it comes to purchasing rotisserie chicken so I understand. Sasha and Gus are truly devoted♥

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  3. Good luck with the redecorating. Better you than me! At times like that, my husband and I remember how different our tastes are. Thanks for the video; I love to watch Sasha and Gus together. So devoted!

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  4. I am so in Gracie’s corner. None of the other food store chickens come close to Costco’s!
    Went to the Humane Society today to donate food and towels . There were 2 all black cats that caught my eye. So wish I could have taken them. But my two dogs already terrorize my cats….

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  5. Gracie, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not as much a diva as Sasha. The two of you!! You should give your peeps a break once in awhile…just sayin.

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  6. Hey Gracie! Did they work you so hard this week that you didn’t have the energy to go to the casino?? I thought your peeps would be settled down after all the renovations of the building y’all call home. Maybe that’s why they are looking for new furnishings, because they’re bored without all of that chaos going on? I hope the let you catch up on rest this weekend!

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