Sassy cats – The great smack-down

Sasha: Gracie was mean to me!

It’s the peep today! If you’ve been reading along recently, Gracie had a vet visit with a blood test and I (foolishly) brought a new box in for her to “hide in” during her recovery. It wasn’t much of a recovery but in our house, doc visits come with treats (yes for the human’s too).

Gracie loved the box even though it was a short box. She hopped on the flaps and hid under them. She snuck around the box to attack your sneakers. She took her favorite toy inside. She was a happy camper.

All the other cats smelled the box (quality control) and let it alone. It was Gracie’s box. She earned it and she enjoyed it. Until…

Sasha, the house diva, was out of joint with all the attention Gracie was getting. She decided to take a nap IN THE BOX. Yes, you heard me, IN GRACIE’S BOX!

It did not go well.

Gracie came and circled the box. She did the annoying smell every part to Sasha. She flopped the flaps on top of her. Sasha was “unflappable.”

Gracie partially jumped inside the box but there wasn’t enough room. Sasha is a chonker and took up most of it.

That was it. Gracie was done with the good-natured gestures. Now she meant business. She flapped her again this time standing on the flap which was on top of Sasha. Then she pawed at her screeching. Gracie nosed her (pushed her with her nose to get out). After several attempts and a HUGE head womp, Sasha departed with a swinging rump sashay. (We think she does that to be sexy.)

Gracie hopped into the box, circled around a hundred times, tried to cover Sasha’s scent and took a five-minute nap. Then she left for her cushy bed someplace where it’s easy to annoy me. The siege was over. Sasha is almost twice as big as Gracie but that little one is a scrapper. Street smarts. You can’t beat it.

Gracie 1, Sasha 0


60 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The great smack-down

  1. “Unflappable,” LOL. The smaller cats have mastered guerrilla tactics, striking quickly and retreating out of range. As long as they don’t get pinned by superior mass, they will win in the end.

    Probably because the bigger cat needs their rest.

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