Sassy cats — Another Gracie update

Don’t I look great in a box. I am made for boxes!

Gracie here. No new pictures today because they are in the broken computer at the computer vet. You remember I was at the VET last week. The peep didn’t say anything about some nasty medicine I had to have. It was liquid. I don’t take any meds easily and this one was a fun one.

First time I was surprised but I still was able to blow it back in the peep’s face. She had it in her hair and all over her face. It was funny. The peep didn’t think so but she doesn’t have a good sense of humor about those things. Now she tries to throw the towel over my head after giving me the juice but I still can get a little on her. The best part is the guilt. I get extra food and a new box. It’s a wonderful box. I like it but don’t tell her.

There have been people around all week. Today a convoy of tree people came through with a gazillion trucks and military looking stuff. They took down the dead trees in the wooded area next to us. The noise was loud. The peep called it mind numbing and it started at 7 a.m. Us cats were all up anyhow waiting for breakfast. It was pretty exciting. There also was a hawk at our bird feeders. The peep yelled at it. He should find his own restaurant!

Everything else is good. Hope you all have a great weekend.

47 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Another Gracie update

  1. Gracie, I didn’t give up on you Sassy Cats! We had family here from Missouri and they left this morning at 7 oh clock. I guess you made it just the right amount of difficult because she still gifted you with a box… fits just right too. Good the Lady Peep yelled at the hawk… I am not big on everyBODY has to eat.

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    • Pills weren’t an option for this med. It was either liquid or sprinkle stuff on food which would not have worked at all. I am still finding spots where she spit it out. Hopefully she got enough to do whatever it was supposed to do.


  2. I haven’t been around for a while, and I missed the chuckle your kitty posts gave me. Hope Gracie is doing okay.

    My dad had an incident with his kitties this week. A sad one. I won’t ruin your weekend with the story.

    Hope things are quieted down now for the “peeps.” Have a good one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I am the worst. Even worse than Gus who weighs twice as much as I do. Hazel RIP was also very hard to pill but she liked pill pockets until she learned how to spit out the pill. This was a chalky liquid. Yuck.


  3. My goodness, Gracie. I don’t know how anyone in your house gets any rest! You really do need to take your medicine with a little more caution for your lady peep! She is obviously under a great deal of stress! Be kind!

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    • Because that would be too easy. The vet wanted to give me something to sprinkle over her food. She’s not a big food cat. Sometimes she doesn’t eat and someone else does. I would have no control unless I locked her in a room and even then she can skip a meal. The liquid was a compromise but that wasn’t easy either.


  4. The least you could get for having to take Panacur is a new box. The least. But be nice to your mom. That stuff’s nasty but hopefully you won’t have to take it too long!

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