Plodding along

Still no computer and not likely for another week or so. Without my bookmarks, WordPress is making life more difficult. I’m composing on the beloved husband’s computer which is older than mine and slower than molasses in January but it works. The “computer guy” was supposed to come yesterday to give last rites but he was a no show. (Didn’t I tell you they are squirrelly?) After waiting all day (and losing any level of productivity) he called to say he got hung up with a Windows 11 installation. Doesn’t give me warm fuzzies.

I’m buying a new computer today. Yay! But onto other news. I had planned to walk with my old walking buddy today. I had her contact info on my “dearly departed” computer (there is something for paper address books!). I had to research her and luckily I got her phone number.

Her husband died the Monday before Thanksgiving and I haven’t seen her since. We had a few very short emails — me saying I hope she was ok and she saying she was but clearly wasn’t.

The day before her husband’s death, she was hacked and someone cleaned out her bank accounts and was just the tip of the iceberg. The death certificates got lost and it took three months to finally get them. You need that to start any closing process. Her TV broke and a bunch of other things happened. This is a 87 year old woman alone. Don’t let the number fool you. You would peg her at her late 60s and she has a level of energy that I admire. She has spunk! 

All that makes my series of misfortunes pale in comparison. We are getting together next week and I’m sure there will be blog fodder. I doubt if I’ll get a word in edgewise (one of my mom’s favorite saying about me) but we’ll both feel better at the end. I met her at my ladies gym many years ago and although we weren’t “friends” there we have since developed a caring relationship. Of the people I considered friends from the gym, I don’t hear from any of them. (Yes, I do reach out occasionally.)

In the meantime I will continue connecting with a patchwork of devices so I’ll see you around somehow. Maybe on my Kindle or my phone. My lap top is also refusing to work. 

56 thoughts on “Plodding along

  1. Your friend’s problems certainly put computer issues into perspective. I hope she was able to recover at least some of her money (I always wonder if that is possible or if it’s just gone). Scary to think there are such horrible people in the world, with no heart and tons of computer skills.

    I remember going for a few months without a computer early in the pandemic after my old one died. I have alternatives but it just felt wrong. I’m old school, I love my PC.

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  2. I am happy you purchased a new computer! I think it is wonderful you contacted your friend and you will see her soon; so sad what happened to her. I will be glad to see you up and running 100% with your new computer. You were just finding your “groove” again after the kitchen redo! Is finding our groove still a thing?

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    • It is for me and my groove has long been missing. We are having the famous window installed today. Yay. Maybe pick-up new computer. Maybe life is picking up. Oh yes, It will be in the 50s. That helps too.


      • The window… HooRay! I loved it when my new computer arrived. It was fast as blazes because nothing was on it. I got rid of all the gaming stuff and bloatware they add that I don’t want! I still haven’t transferred my pictures so it remains speedy. I feel life picking up, I know I am feeling better when I want to hit the beach and click some pictures 🙂 I hope you get to play with your new computer today.

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        • More likely tomorrow. There are two contractors here at the moment and the computer place is almost an hour away so even if they finish the transfer (which they have not) we’ll probably pick up tomorrow. We set up the printer with my cell. That wasn’t fun! I like the printers with the buttons on top. I will be able to easily print from the new computer but having to test it out on a cell was tricky.


  3. Gosh it probably feels just a bit unsettling (!) not to have your computer but a new one – YAY! Your friend absolutely has had more than her share – seriously – she must be a very strong lady – so much to deal with. I’m sure it will be nice to see her again after so long…….Some people have such a strong spirit – makes me wonder if mine is strong enough to handle so many negative experiences………….

    Hugs, Pam

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  4. So sorry for all your friend’s troubles! I hope that some of her situations are fixed, anyway, though that doesn’t make up for the loss of her husband.
    I hope your new computer works really well and that they can transfer you files from the old one! Hang in there, Kate!!

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  5. Computers are a wonder. What did we do without them? Hopefully, the computer folks can get your stuff transferred from the old to the new.
    After hearing about your friend’s troubles, I feel like a weakling with my complaining about inconsequential things. I know getting together with you to walk and talk will help her cope with all that’s going on.

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  6. Oh dear! Hope you get things resolved soon. Technology is wonderful until it isn’t, and then we realize how dependent we were on it. What happened to your friend was the worst. There is a special place in hell for those that scam and hack people, I hope!


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  7. I am so sorry about your computer, but glad to hear you’re getting a new one. Like it or not, and sometimes I surely do not, we are really dependent! It really made me cringe to hear that your walking partner has had to go through so many really huge disruptions and major concerns with banking and death certificate complications on top of a profound grief in the loss of her husband. Very sad!

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  8. Good luck with your technology challenges and hopefully they can transfer over all your stuff from one machine to another. As long as you are walking and talking, please try to find out about the hacking and the draining of bank accounts. How did they do it? I’m thinking we could all learn from her terrible misfortune. You said she has spunk, but that was a lot for anyone to deal with – loss of spouse and bank accounts. Okay, that’s not fair even when I know life isn’t fair.

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  9. I feel so sorry for your friend, but thank heavens she has scheduled time with you!

    Good luck with the new computer. It’s awful to be without one and painful to break in a new one.

    Having to share a computer with a spouse might be grounds for divorce. John and I both have a spare.

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  10. Yay on getting a new computer but UGH on all the frustrations you have had lately with your electronic devices. Wonderful when they work and drive us insane when they don’t!

    Your poor friend on all she is going through! It does put things in perspective, doesn’t it, about how often we complain of little things.
    Glad she has you and hope you both can make the other one smile! ❤
    Sorry that you haven’t heard from your other gym “friends”.

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  11. Oh, ack. A broken computer. I hate it when that happens. But “Yay” to a new a new one.
    How sad and maddening about your friend’s loss and subsequent troubles. It’ll be good for her to get out with you, her friend. Have a nice visit.

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  12. So sorry to hear of your ongoing computer issues. Having had a few computer/internet issues myself lately, I totally empathize with your plight.

    Even more sorry to hear about the problems and losses that have befallen your exercise buddy. I hope your get-together is punctuated with loads of joy, laughter and comradery.

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  13. When one machine goes down, they all join in to show solidarity with their fallen comrade.

    I’m sorry about, and slightly overwhelmed by, your walking friend’s troubles. I feel for her. Getting together with her will do her, and you, good.

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  14. Nothing like someone else’s great loss to put our small miseries in perspective.

    Still a pain to not have a computer. My husband’s keeps acting up and I keep telling him to get a new one and transfer the data before it’s unusable. “I’ll just use yours,” he says.

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    • I didn’t want to wait too long but I did. I did that with my smart watch too. You end up hobbling along. Sharing is hard in our family because we both use it a lot. Yesterday I only got on it for an hour. My husband was cruising guitar site. 🙂

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