33 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Just pictures

  1. I have been sleeping on the sofa to be closer to Molly. Yes, I know I could move her into my bedroom, but all that moving requires effort and I want her to be near me so she doesn’t feel isolated. Anyway, having said all that, I have noticed that the living room has become cat central. As I write this I am sitting on that same sofa and behind me Chuckles (aka Leroy) is snoring on the right side of the back while Grayboy snoozes on the left back side. Little Girl is loafing on the ottoman and Louis Fitzgerald Oppenheimer is in repose in front of the fireplace (and is no doubt wishing I’d turn the gas logs back on).

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  2. I glanced at your photos an hour ago but had to go get cleaned up. I am back at my laptop and am realizing it is only Gus and Sasha… they are too much! Like you said about disturbing something… yep, I would have walked in on them and said OOPS and made a quick turn around. I am so happy they have the good life, Kate. All cats deserve the good life!

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