Sassy cats — Another mystery solved, sort of

The cats’ water bowl is often dumped or there is water all over the floor. Mostly I blame Gracie. Despite being a great cat she has a lot of quirky eating habits. One is that her process to dinner is to smell it, try to bury it (often dumping the plate over), walking away and then coming back ten minutes later to eat what she had previously tried to bury. Sometimes another cat has already eaten it and she will do “sad eyes” with me. She will push her water bowl too. Splish, splash, water all over the floor.

This week I saw something new and I got a video of it. It was Gus serving himself some water.Β  Being the Sherlock Holmes of all things cat, I snooped and spied around corners. He doesn’t always do it but seems to do it more when the water level is low. (And by low I mean an inch deep, it’s never empty or Gracie will bang it around to humiliate me!) Here is Gus with his dainty style of slurping. By the way, I bought tilted bowls so they wouldn’t get “whisker fatigue.” (Yes, that’s a thing! Don’t question me!) Makes it easier to splash around too!

All the drinkers here wish you a great weekend!

59 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Another mystery solved, sort of

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  2. Sometimes I think truly cats are space aliens whose ship crashed and they are tuck here and trying to make the best of it among the locals.
    Gus is really a gentleman. He is so cute.
    We have “lakes” for water…bowls kept getting turned over ( or the dog drained them too rapidly causing much distress and irritation. 2 giant very stable “volcano sloped sided” dog bowls – one in RC’s bathroom suite below her food ledge and one in the kitchen ( so I can trip over it.)

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  3. Trinity used to feed herself water also. Tyler will sit and wait for me to add water to his (finely mushed pate) wet foot over and over. If it’s too dry of a wet food he won’t eat it and won’t touch if I feed him (gasp) unmushed pate. I bought the tilted raised bowls too and I think he likes them. The on I bought happens to fit the little Corelle bowls so the set can dishwasher rotate. I have the one water next to the food in the raised thing then a separate plain bowl (on a raised lip plastic placemat) about 20′ away. Silly boy will eat his food, look at the water beside it then go walk to drink from the other one. Gotta love em πŸ™‚ Bet you could have hours of entertainment from a netcam facing the bowls.

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    • We have corelle bowls too. Do you remember what you bought that fits it? I have stainless steel and they are nice but I have to remove, wash and replace. I can’t put in dishwasher because there are no extra bowls. Also, I’m trying to find a pate that Gracie likes. She’s a gravy girl. She will eat the gravy off of FF canned food and leave the lumps. The pates I have found have a lot of weird ingredients like fish in a chicken dish.


    • This is the first time I’ve seen him do it. Mostly he drinks from the bowl. I suspected it was because of the water level and he didn’t want his whiskers twitched. Mollie did it all the time. Gracie may take a swim but I haven’t seen her do this.


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