Random 5 for September 26, 2021 — It’s all about the concert!

First time out for the Beverly Hillbillies! – We went to our first indoor concert yesterday. We had to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask. It wasn’t crowded with no one but our friends sitting near us so we felt safe. It was a great concert with Dave Bennett playing swing to rock. Highly entertaining and I recommend attending if he comes through your area. The music is so varied that there will be something you like.

Now for the fun part – It’s been two years since I really pulled together a nice outfit that didn’t include jeans/exercise clothes and sneakers. Always sneakers. The venue is casual but people don’t go in beat up jeans. I have a satin print blouse but it didn’t work with my pants. It took me two hours to come up with what I was going to wear. This was like going to a high school dance! I’m an old lady and no one cares what I wear!

Next on the agenda – Two years of walking daily has changed the shape of my feet. They are longer. Still narrow, but longer. Not a single non-sneaker shoe was comfortable. Not. A. Single. One. I have wonderful shoes but my toe hit the front. Ouch! I’m back to the drawing board because I’m not wearing sneakers with my satin blouse. Oy vay. I came up with a nice casual outfit that went well with sneakers but I immediately went on line to see if I could get one of my current shoes in a bigger size. No luck as the shoes are several years old. Styles change. Yada yada. I saw something that might work so I ordered a pair. I could have worn sandals but the weather was cool. If my feet are cold, I’m miserable.

Onto the concert – Since the music was swing to rock it was full of old people and boomers (notice that I don’t include boomers in the old people category even though…well…I don’t have to explain that!) In the rows in front of us were two groups of old biddies. I’m sure they were older than me by the way they reacted to the music. They loved the big band stuff but went insane when he played very early Elvis tunes. I love Elvis but my head doesn’t explode. They swung their titanium hips, clapped their hands and had a helluva time. I thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiasm until…

Jerry Lee Lewis music – He was one of my early favorites (when I was just a child). His music was wild and he was even wilder. Full confession, I was as bad as the biddies except my hips are still real and I don’t hurt this morning. I didn’t sing (we were in masks and it was all hot and sweaty in there!) but I did my best to project my enthusiasm. I saw Lewis in concert and Dave did a fairly accurate rendition right down to playing the piano with his feet! The entire audience went wild and I didn’t care about my feet or the fact that I have to buy new shoes (for a few minutes anyway).

So for a wrap up (this is a bonus sixth paragraph) – My feet grew, I’m vane, people older than me are crazy, music makes everything better. Oh yes, we are the bumbling Beverly Hillbillies not only because I had so much trouble coming up with a decent outfit but the beloved husband forgot the tickets for the first time ever. Fortunately the folks at the venue were really nice.

This is a video of the real Jerry Lee Lewis and the music starts at the one minute mark.

So how was your week?

72 thoughts on “Random 5 for September 26, 2021 — It’s all about the concert!

  1. All my walking has me look sadly at my on-site working days/pre-walking regimen high heels and flats. They’re never going to fit again, but my feet have not gotten longer, but spread wider. When I’m in the house I’m wearing moose skin Minnetonka moccasins so not much support, just comfiness. I loved this line: “They swung their titanium hips.”

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    • I’m not sure if hips are titanium but I thought it was a good bet. I used to wear Minnetonka moccasins but they don’t have enough support for me now. I really love the comfort and support of sneakers. I’ll never be stylish again! 🙂

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      • They probably are titanium – my mom used to refer to her hip as her “store-bought hip”. Those moccasins are so comfy, but yes, not a lot of support, but once I get home from walking, I’m planted in place for hours (during the workweek anyway). I’ve thrown style out the window myself!

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  2. A bonus sixth paragraph this week! Congrats on going to a concert. I’m jealous/not jealous, if that makes any sense. I miss going to see live music, but I suspect I’m still not ready yet. I had to buy new sneakers last month and was shocked at how much more expensive they were this time around. I probably said that the last time too. 🙂 – Marty

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  3. I love Jerry Lee Lewis! He’s always having fun. There’s something even better about listening to music like that with a crowd. Now that I’ve had my booster shot, I think I’ll look around for something fun like that to do. If I can find something to wear. Not only are my feet probably bigger, but also, I’ve gained weight. Oh, dear!

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  4. What a fun time, Kate. I love the way you described the other people in the audience and their enthusiasm! I am looking forward to my first concert soon, too, and I think it will actually nice to be with other people, I sure don’t know what to think about your feet! I walk several miles a day and I haven’t had the same experience. On the other hand, I haven’t had on any heels or “dressy” shoes in a very long time. I might find myself in trouble! 🙂

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  5. Sounds like a good time was had by all! Glad you got out. I would have trouble putting together an outfit too as it has been so long since I needed to dress. It has been jeans and sandals for so long and walking shoes for my walks. Cheers for you and the biddies!

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  6. Glad you had some fun.
    I have a couple of skirts, but no shoes to wear with them. I have clogs, boots, trainers. That’s it.
    Luckily I have jeans and some tidy leggings which I can wear with my boots……. not that we’re likely to go anywhere though.

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  7. I totally get the part about only wearing jeans/exercise clothes and sneakers for the past two years. For me, it’s been a steady stream of yoga pants, t-shirts, walking or hiking sandles/hiking boots. When I’ve really dressed up, it’s been jeans! And feet grow and change shape? No wonder most of my shoes are no longer comfortable. Who knew?!! 😀

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    • My foot guy said your arches flatten as you get older making your feet bigger. However, I had flat feet as a child so my size hadn’t changed since I was 13 until now! It must be the walking. How can flat get flatter?


  8. I love your posts. I do the same thing with outfits. I recently went to the dentist and while there’s no rule that says you dress a certain way for a dental appointment, I do believe clothing conveys a message about oneself so I spent an hour getting dressed to get my teeth cleaned.

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    • I have “nice” jeans for special occasions like the dentist but I was looking for something more polished for my first concert out. Wisely, I didn’t bother with makeup because…mask! I have to go through my pants to see what works with that satin blouse. I may have to buy pants too.

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  9. Haven’t been to a concert in YEARS and YEARS – I think I last saw The Doobie Brothers at an outdoor concert. Like I said – years. I have awful feet….painful….arthritic…..I have shoe issues big time. I found some fab Easy Spirit walking shoes that I almost LIVE in now. Got them in two colors and they have allowed me to SMILE when I walk rather than frown. Glad you had fun at the concert (although I’m thinking those old biddies had more!!).

    Hugs, Pam

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  10. You’re so right…music does makes everything better. Congrats on participating in your first concert. I know musical venues (or lack thereof) have been a big issue for my contemporaries. After they attended the first one, it was as though they’d found the fountain of youth. I had to chuckle about the feet and shoe issue. The elves can’t do a lick of housework but they can somehow resize feet…what the heck?!

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    • I could have done a whole post on my feet. I’ve always had “lovely” feet. No bunion bumps or unsightly callouses. They are just skinny. Yesterday as I was looking at them (still not bumps or lumps) they have aged considerably. I need more fat under the skin. Getting a good fit has always been a challenge. Now it is more so. Very hard to get narrow shoes unless your go orthotics. That’s the beauty of sneakers aside from the fact that I’m always walking.

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      • I hear that-I have plantar fascia and most shoes just don’t offer enough support for my high arches. My feet have the added problem of having narrow heels. Lately I’ve taken to wearing a pair of Keens which seem to accommodate my ole Fred Flintstones, work well for walking the dogs yet allow me to not feel like I’m some sort of cretin when out in public.

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        • I have narrow heels too. I can usually use an insert for the front but if the heel doesn’t it fit the shoe doesn’t work. I have flat feet. I’d love some of your extra arch. For the most part I can’t complain. I don’t have many issues with my feet except for shoe fit. For the last 2 years I have gotten away with sneakers for anything I had to do. For the funeral I wore sandals and that worked. I’m wondering if my boots still fit. To be honest, once I got there, I didn’t think about my sneakers at all.

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  11. Despite the masks and concern about fashion appearance, I suspect that you had some moments you were truly grateful that you figured out an outfit and that you could stand being hot and sweaty under a mask. I’m like you in that, in some situations, I find watching the people around me to be the best entertainment! Three cheers for the old biddies!

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