One thing done…almost

In the past week, the conservatory (or music room) made substantial progress. Window shades and carpet came and the beloved husband finished his desk. It’s a difficult room to photograph because part of the beauty is the large window in the front but there is not much else to make that shot exciting. Here is a photo of the more active side of the room. It is very bright and sunny and cheerful!

The fourth guitar is on another wall. We need some final touches like artwork on the wall and a new desk chair, then it’s completely done! The fabric covering the top of the leather chair is compliments of Gracie who loves to perch there. I worry about nail punctures so this has worked well. Hallelujah!

58 thoughts on “One thing done…almost

  1. Now maybe if I had had a nice room like that my accordion and guitar would be upstairs and being played, as opposed to sitting downstairs gathering dust. It looks comfy and cozy and I’d be nodding off in that comfy chair in the sun. No wonder Gracie likes that chair and dozing in the sunbeams!


      • We are trying to get a contractor to renovate our basement. It’s tough and overpriced. Obviously you were determined and stayed on task! The place looks great! Who is the guitarist in the family?

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        • My husband is the guitarist. He’s really very good. Played in a band in his youth. Contractors are like hen’s teeth. If you find one, you may never hear from them again. I was fortunate to snag the guy who was doing a project across the street. Wisely, I sent my woodworking husband over to talk to him and they became best buddies. He moved our job to the front of the list because he liked him (and it was a good job). We had to wait 2 months for a painter and landscapers have been booked for next spring for quite a while. Everything is overpriced.

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