Sassy cats — Poor Gussy

Gus: Cupcake, you reek of deception. Are you trying to trick me? You need more than a few measly treats. Do you think I’m a dog?

Gus had his vet appointment this week. He had his vaccines and an ear check. Ever since he came to live with us, he’s had gumpy ears, especially his right one. Not ear mites but I suspected a yeast infection. I had him checked last year but the vet didn’t think so and just cleaned them. Wrong. I’ve been cleaning his ears every few weeks ever since. On Wednesday he met with the vet I prefer and yes, he has yeast in “them there folds!” He has also gained 3 pounds since he was adopted last August. He was already a full grown 3 year old cat so that’s a lot. We call it his covid weight. He’s not obese but he’s a chonker.

Gus: Did she call me a chonker?

The thing with 16 pound cats is that they are strong. The thing with yeast infections is that they require ear drops twice a day for a week. The thing with Gus is that he’s not cooperative. I have to burrito him (wrap a towel around so his paws are immobilized). However, he can still make a wild jump before all the drops are administered. Let’s just say feeding times are not as pleasant as it used to be for the entire household. The other cats are trying to figure out how they can get something out of this situation and the peeps are always outsmarted. I consider it a win if I get a single drop in the bad ear.

It’s officially fall here weather-wise. We are loving it. Everyone including Gus and his loopy ears wish you a great weekend.

69 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Poor Gussy

  1. Years ago we had a poodle with ear issues – both ears. I was eight or nine years old, but I remember my parents fighting about Peppy’s ear treatments, repeated visits to the vet and expensive meds for him. How about you take an old hoodie to zip up Gus and gently tie the arms to corral those flailing legs with claws? Would that help contain him better? I picture Gus kicking off the towel. Hope the ear clears up quickly for you and Gus’ sake. It can’t be pleasant for him.

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    • He’d never let me put a hoodie on him. The towel wrap, done quickly, works well. He is getting to accept it without too much fight. My friend’s cocker spaniel had ear issues too. Something about big and floppy trapped moisture in there.

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  2. Hope the drops are working so both of you can relax. Teddy has his yearly vet visit this week. Last year she told him to lose some weight that 16 pounds are too much. He hasn’t lost an ounce, and he only gets 1/4 cup of food every day. Well, that and what Jack leaves in his dish.😉

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  3. He weighs more than 2 x Le Roi. 🤣🤣🤣 What’s he like when the vet cleans his ears? Our mutual friend can only do it under sedation because he fights and yowls so badly.

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    • He’s a very laid back cat. He is submissive at the vet’s office so they cleaned it easy peasy. Getting the drops in his ear means I have to corner him (and I don’t like doing that), throw a towel over him and swoop him up so his paws are immobilized. He still got out of the towel once. I’m getting better. Last two times I closed the door when he walked into the bathroom. No place to hide there. So far I haven’t needed stitches! 🙂 I should give him catnip about a half hour before I do the drops.

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  4. Sixteen pounds of willfulness is a lot to wrangle! You create quite an image with the Gus Burrito! I hope the drops do the trick, quickly and efficiently! Have a wonderful fall weekend, Kate. We are still waiting for summer to say a final goodbye. I’m ready!

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    • No, no collar. I always feel badly for cats that need to wear one. The vet wanted Morgan to wear one. I told him I would put one on if she chewed her splint. She didn’t. She occasionally licked it but there wasn’t any damage and it didn’t get that wet.

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    • It bothers him but he’s good about it. I’ve been cleaning him over the last year (when that vet didn’t seem to care). I’ll be glad if this treatment lasts a while although it may come back.


  5. Aww, sweet Gus…so sorry he has ear issues. I can image cold drops administered a couple of times a day would make me buck like a bronco too. I make up an essential oil formulation (contains geranium, lavender and frankincense topped up with some fractionated coconut oil) to keep on hand and periodically use a cotton wipe to clean the ears. Lavender works miracles on itchy ears like nothing I’ve ever used before. And because it’s not chemically based, I feel better about using it on both Norman & Elsa. Hope Gus’ ear issues clear up soon and he can get back to courting his harem.

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  6. Poor Gus. I can relate to the drop experience. My expensive eye drops have two drops per vial. If I miss an eye, only one will get treated. I have the worst aim. Have a good weekend, Kate! I think the Eagles game will be televised in our area.

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  7. My Ted (23 lbs.) has had off and on yeast infections the whole five years we’ve had him including when we adopted him! It’s a tough fight but like you, every time he has one, it’s a real FUN (not) time getting those drops in his ear. Sure does the trick though – then after a while – it seems to come back. Poor ginger chonks (and poor Moms too!).

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Me too. We did the full drops last night and this morning. Getting anything in his right ear is good. Dogs are so easy to trick. My cats can smell the anxiety on me when I have to medicate them although this crew is easier to crate for a vet trip than my last crew was.

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    • Right now he’s sleeping with one eye open and very alert to where I am. I wish I could bribe him with cheese or lunch meat like you can do with dogs. No one likes ear drops but the goop in his ears was bad.


  8. Aw, poor Gus. It’s only for a week sweetheart, and you will feel better, promise.
    We had similar problems with Maggie and had to keep her ears clean. She didn’t like it, but we reached a compromise…….. though it took the two of us!

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