Sassy cats — Just a quickie

Morgan here. This was not a good week. The peep was involved in an accident. She’s ok but she’s taking a lot of care. Airbag injuries are painful so we’ve been doing our best. She’s had round the clock cat care which gets mixed reviews. Sasha rolled onto her chest and that resulted in some caterwauling. She’ll be back but in the meantime here’s a picture of the lovers.

Take care and have a safe weekend.

81 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Just a quickie

  1. You even scared the cats! They’re probably mostly worried that if you’re not at the top of your game they’ll somehow have to do more for themselves, but maybe deep down they really do care at least a little?

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    • I don’t think they like change or disruption. They could sense something was off. They were sticking close to make sure everything was ok. They have been through a lot of upheaval in the past 6 months. Fortunately they’ve done well with it.


  2. Morgan – why didn’t you pull Sasha off Mom’s chest … you know Sasha is is no featherweight! I hope you are consenting to Dad fixing your meals and letting Mom rest up so she’s good as new again. Tell her I hope she feels better soon.

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  3. Sorry to hear about the accident. Good to know that though you hurt, you are okay. Nice that Morgan posted for you. Your readers would worry if we didn’t see a post from you. Sweet of BH to get your daily Starbucks fix for you.

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  4. Yikes…so sorry to hear of an accident. Yes, while those airbags can save a life, they sure know how to make you hurt while doing it. Hope extra R&R, along with the observant keen eyes of the cat-clan make for a speedy and full recovery. Take good care, Kate.

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  5. Iโ€™m sorry to hear of the accident. ๐Ÿ˜ง At least the BH is keeping you in Starbucks – that means that you are well enough to want it. I hope the airbag injuries are the only ones. Take care. Thanks for keeping us informed, Morgan!

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  6. Oh, no! I’m glad to hear you are (mostly) okay. Those airbags can leave burns and bloody noses (but it’s better than death).

    On the other hand car safety feature, like so much else in our society, are designed for men, not petite women. They can leave women with a lot of injuries. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  7. Oh! Bad news Morgan but sounds like your peep is on the mend. And that is a good thing. Stay by her side but keep off her chest. And keep monitoring the others. The lovers are no problem. They are too busy snuggling. ๐Ÿค—

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  8. Kate, so sorry this happened to you. Sending you quick recovery thoughts. I am confident all the purrs the cats are surrounding you with will help you to feel better. Morgan, thanks for letting us know. I was wondering a bit yesterday when Sassy Cats didn’t post, Fridays are Sassy Cat days!

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    • Usually I have it set up and ready to go. Sadly this week I didn’t, thinking I’d do it Friday morning. Well, that didn’t happen. The cats have been congregating around me. I must give off a smell when things are off.


  9. Thanks for the update, Morgan. Thank God she is ok. Take good care of her and Salem and I will keep her in our prayers!! Keep up the good work, goodness knows how the humans need us in times like this!

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