Sassy cats — More about Morgan

If you read Sunday’s post you know that Morgan broke her leg. She’s in a splint and not allowed to jump. Telling a cat not to jump and expecting them not to at least try is well…you can figure out the rest.

This morning she had her first bandage change. She traded in the pink for red. The nurse commented that she was so cooperative she held out her leg for them. She is on gabapentin for pain and anxiety so that helps but she is always the perfect cat. On this picture you can see her old bandage right before the change. She’s been a very good sport about the whole thing. The other cats are curious but cautious except for Sasha who is wondering if she can steal Morgan’s food now that she can’t maneuver as fast. One week down, three more weeks of splint to go!

Everyone here wishes you a great weekend!

56 thoughts on “Sassy cats — More about Morgan

  1. In highschool, so a long, long tme ago, my cat broke his leg. I don’t remember about jumping or not, but what I do remember is that the splint was some kind of hard wrap, probably nothing like they would use in today’s materials, and we heard him hobbling noisily during the night. I can remember that so clearly. It was not a fun time for my poor cat, and I’m sure poor Morgan isn’t enjoying this time either. Or you!

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    • It’s a multi-layer gauze tape wrap and under it are splints to stabilize the leg. The first week she mostly laid around but starting on the weekend she’s been move active and less happy about the quarantine room.


    • She’s been amazing about this although today she must have been bored. She completely rearranged the cat beds in the room. I let her roam the upstairs for a while and she took a nap in one of her favorite spots.


    • She is healthy in every other way so I’m hopeful. She is starting to be more active and I’m allowing her to wander around a larger area. It’s tough because she shouldn’t jump and there is furniture to jump on in every room. We have a low chair in the cat room and she sleeps there mostly.


  2. She’s such a sweetheart, Kate. I love her just reading what a good girl she is. She’s keeping your stress down, wonder if she knows how much it means. I guess the meds could be helping but I think she would still be the perfect cat 🙂 Gabapentin seems to be a magical med. Wishing you a peaceful weekend with naps to restore you.

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  3. What a delightful cat. Well done, Morgan.

    I read the last sentence of your post and was like, “Huh, I wonder if Kate accidentally had this one set to post on a different day, because why would she be wishing us a good weekend when it’s her usual Tuesday post?”

    In case you were wondering how my Insurrection week inside a Pandemic year inside the worst 4 years of a U.S. Presidency ever are going.

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    • I can relate to that. Add in a broken leg, buying and selling a house and some human health crisis too. Some distracts from others. Morgan ends up most important now. At least for today. No telling what next week will bring.

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    • Me too. That’s just before we move. She’s getting more active and has adopted a sort of walk. She uses her splint for balance or she slides it flat. I let her investigate the upstairs for a while today and she enjoyed smelling everything. She’s napping now.


    • Morgan has always been the perfect cat. She doesn’t need the cone because she doesn’t chew her bandage. She eats what you give her and doesn’t turn her nose up nor does she steal anyone’s food. Easy to crate. They don’t get any better.

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