Sassy cats – A letter to the rescue

Hi everyone! It’s me Kenny! They call me Gus here. Mostly Gussy and sometimes Sweet Boy but then you have to watch out. That last name comes with big kisses on the nose and forehead. Humans have no concept of personal space! Boundaries please!

This is a good gig and I’ll be here forever. The food is great and I have my own toys. I live with two humans and three lady cats and I love them all but one is special. I have a girlfriend.

When I first came here she would give me growlies. I think she was playing hard to get. She got very flirty. She would swish that big fluffy tail in my face. Yeowza! She is so beautiful with a black freckle under her chin. Sometimes I lick it clean for her.

Eventually my swagger and charm won her over. It’s pretty easy when you are the only game in town but then again, I’m a catch. Definitely a stud muffin (without out the studs if you know what I mean!).

I miss my old friends from the rescue and I hope they get a good gig like I did. I wish people would consider older pets. We are great and won’t wreck your furniture or bite your toes while you sleep. I waited three years but I hit the jackpot here. Except for all those nose smooches.

Love to all

Gus or Kenny whichever you prefer

Me and my squeeze!

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats – A letter to the rescue

  1. Gus – with your “Kenny days” long behind you, you and I both know you have lucked out bigtime. Right place – right time, my little friend. I smiled with your description of your main squeeze and about licking Sasha’s black freckle too. 🙂

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    • There were some sweet cats there. There was a smaller male ginger with long fur. He was very pretty. I was surprised no one adopted him. He was very people friendly. He was the second choice if Gus didn’t like it here.


  2. Quite the expressive faces on your Sassy cats today, Kate. Personal space and boundaries…..ha, ha. Oh, my gosh………I think I may have a crush on Gus/Kenny/Stud muffin. Mr. Personality! Welcome to this good gig.🙂

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  3. Our four cats came to us courtesy of a neighbor cat. Two of them were April Fool babies, born in a cat barrel by our front door. The other two were born in hubby’s shop. I don’t know if she ever had any kittens at her real home – oh, yes, she did. She brought them over here after they were a little older. So, so far we haven’t gotten any from our local no kill animal shelter though I always see one (or two) there that are tempting! Gus looks very smoochable.

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    • Sounds like my niece. There was a neighborhood cat who always brought her kittens to my soft-touch (it runs in the family) niece who has 7 of her offspring now. There were attempts to catch and spay but the cat disappeared.


  4. Gus we are so happy that you found the best stage what fits to a super star like you.. and yes we hope your friends from the shelter can write such a fab letter too …. please humans, bring a friend home, distance is only for people, you can still have a lot fourlegged friends at home :O)

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  5. You lucky boy! Glad you’ve got a chick in the house……and I think nose smooches can be tolerated since the food there is good and you’re safe and warm! We sometimes have to make those little sacrifices ya know!

    Hugs, Teddy

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