Sassy cats — Exercising social distancing

The cats don’t always get the distancing part but they understand cleaning.

Morgan, Gracie and Sasha from last year

They know what happened to the toilet paper.

They have one more message for you.

We all wish you a safe and happy weekend!

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Exercising social distancing

  1. I hit “like” and got distracted when SSNS was asking me about refilling the simple human soap dispenser! I ordered refills directly from simple human… it was the only hand soap I could find. But now we are able to buy plain old hand soap. No hand sanitizer though, that’s fine I don’t like it anyway. So, I am back to tell you the last picture is darling! Cracking up over the cat treadmills. Should have always suspected the shortage of TP was related to cats! All our beaches are closed, about time. Spring breakers are out of here and quite a few snowbirds have left, all of a sudden we are seeing TP back on the shelf, don’t know if there is any connection. Hope the Sassy Cats get some porch time!

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  2. Glad you are staying inside. The kid and I have been on lockdown for more than a week. The husband? LOL. The whole state is supposed to stay home and yet… His employer has a loophole due to some defense industry work, and so that means his whole company will continue to report to work until they are all infected or dead.


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