Sassy cats — Going home

This is Riley and yes, she’s a chonk!

My grand niece is transitioning to a new home and in the interim, her cats were with a friend since the spring. I received a text this week that they were reunited. There is nothing more special than going home and Christmas is a special time to do that!

This is Peanut who is older but much smaller!

We’re home mama! Get out the ‘niptinis!

Karen! I want a twist of sardine in my ‘niptini! (Yes, my grand niece is named Karen! That notorious cat owner on Facebook who gets mocked by her cats!)


28 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Going home

  1. There’s a rescue group I support and they quit fighting the idea of a “home for the holidays.” Instead they “break out” and foster at least one litter of mama cats/ dogs and their newborns from shelter every Christmas Eve because, they say, they can’t stand the idea that there is no room at the inn on that night in particular.

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    • One of our local shelters (the only one who will take every animal that comes in the door) recently hooked up with Best Friends. At this point they are not a no-kill shelter but are moving that way. The management changed and they are partnering with the small local rescue groups. The old management was stodgy. This year they did the “home for the holidays” concept. From a human point, it’s a great way to test run an adoption. From the animal’s point, I don’t know if it’s helpful to have a fun couple days then be taken back to the shelter. In the past 10 years they moved from all cats in cages to some very large cat rooms with towers and perches. Mollie and Morgan came from there and so did some of my pets from long ago. I’m not allowed to go there because I ALWAYS come home with an animal. These two cats featured today were rescued by my grand niece when she worked at an amusement park. They had (probably still have) a feral colony. She homed a lot of the kittens born there.

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