Sassy cats – Mollie part 3 (and maybe the end?)

Recuperating in her favorite hidey hole.

This week Mollie had her ultrasound. I couldn’t let her write about it because she was really annoyed. This is a G rated blog and the words wouldn’t be appropriate.

She had her belly shaved and they put her in a cradle thingie on her back. (I am so sorry I didn’t get a picture!) It was sized for her but she had to feel very vulnerable. Reminded me of women on their back with their legs in stirrups!

At the end of the procedure, they called me in and showed me what they found. I walked into a darkened room and got a real stink eye from her. She was still in the cradle.

There is no sign of cancer or IBD or any other horrible thing. In fact, she’s very healthy. Her organs are healthy and appropriately sized. He could not see her esophagus (too high) but there weren’t any gas pockets in her GI system.

This all happened yesterday so I haven’t talked to my vet yet but I’m hopeful this chapter is over. She’s still an old cat but she’s a healthy old cat and right now pretty cranky!

The other cats told her she smelled funny so she spent the day trying to clean up that vet smell. She hasn’t quite forgiven me yet but I know where she likes to be scratched. If only it were that easy with people!

87 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Mollie part 3 (and maybe the end?)

  1. While walking today I said “didn’t Kate write a cat post Friday or did I miss it?” I did miss it and I’m a day behind in Reader. I’m glad that Mollie’s ordeal is over (for both of you). If only our pets’ mindset when we take them to the vet is that their humans 1) want to keep them humming along; or 2) we’re scared to death what the vet will find if they’re not feeling well because we love them so much, it would give them comfort, not worry and you’d have been spared the stink eye. The last few years I had Buddy (my canary) every time I took him to the vet (which vet I really liked and specialized in birds), he would hyperventilate and they had to put him on oxygen a few times – oxygen for a canary! Well, they kept him another hour or so after his yearly physical, or routine toenail clipping, to ensure he was okay to go home. Well he passed muster with them, but when I got him home, I put his water and seed cups back in (removed for traveling in the car so they didn’t spill) and made him his bagel (we shared a bagel every day) and he would go into the corner of the cage and face the corner for the rest of the night. It was very scary and I dreaded taking him to the vet.

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      • Literally! It was so worrisome – a bagel for Buddy was the equivalent of cat grass for your crew. I had to shield that bagel with my hand from the inside of the cage as he could not wait to eat his little hunk that was wedged between the bars and it took forever to cool down from the toaster. He’d stomp his foot on it when it was cool so I could not take it away and go to town eating it. I mist up thinking of that picture. But on “vet days” … he would sit facing the corner and not eat his treat and I would put him to bed earlier (I put him in a room and covered him up every night so I did not disturb him in the morning … yep, spoiled).

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    • Seems like a lot of readers read the title the same way. I really didn’t mean that to happen. Just was hoping to close this episode. I love a good story too. I have to say I was nuts since the x-ray where the vet used a lot of words (like cancer, chemo, etc.) that made me woozy.

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    • She has not let me look at her shaved belly. I can pet her head but that’s as far as she trusts me. We have guests coming today so I had to move her “stuff” out of the guest room into our bedroom. Too much change and she’s not happy. Even the food station was moved. Sasha will spend the weekend under the bed. She’s so social with us but not willing to meet new people.


    • She has a mind of her own so human parents don’t have much say. It is a relief. Still the question about what the open esophagus was all about but I don’t see symptoms anymore. Guess that’s as good as it gets.


  2. Glad that is done. We found out that Trinity was one of the very small percentages of cats whos skin bothered her so much where she was shaved that we had to give her a sedative. She made it thru the ultrasound fine but as soon as we got back home (40 min drive) she ran around trying to get away from herself. No sling holder, just a towel on a table. Her skin rippled, she jerked, she spazzed. It lasted a good 2 days. Although her ultrasound came back with struvite crystals. Kinda a good thing. We knew what the problem was and changed her food. I have a post almost ready about why Tyler isn’t getting his second echo that we thought would happen this September. Living in a small town has some disadvantages.


    • We were referred to a larger veterinary practice that does a lot of ultrasounds so they had the best equipment. I was worried that it would be dog-sized and Mollie is 7 lbs. but it worked perfectly for her. She didn’t spazz although every once in a while she tried to get up. There were 2 techs working to keep her calm and they were great. Gracie had struvite crystals when we adopted her. She didn’t like the diet she should eat and refused to drink more water. Fortunately I found a wet food that kind of works and she likes. Gracie is the hardest to treat. She eats only what she likes (she will starve rather than eat whats good for her) and doesn’t like to be medicated. Good news for Tyler. I was grateful because a few years back a friend had to drive an hour for an ultrasound. Now we have 3 choices locally.

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      • Actually bad news for Tyler. He can’t get the 2nd ultrasound… but more on it when I make the time. On Gracie. Trinity actually loved the dry food. She wouldn’t touch the Rx wet food even with freeze dried chicken sprinkled on top. We have well water. I checked our water which was very alkaline. I started buying bottled water for her, which they both got. I could feed them seperatly so Tyler didn’t eat her acidic food she needed causing oxalaate crystals in him but I couldn’t make them use seperate water bowls of course. Being the food police was hard enough. I just bought pool test strips to test our well water. I think the old blog or possible youtube had a post on it. Too long ago to remember. Trinity was small too, always about 8-9 lbs less than Tyler, her littermate. So glad it went well.

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        • If I want, the vet who did the ultrasound will redo within 30 days for free. I won’t make a decision until I talk to my vet. It’s upsetting for Mollie (and me). I have to fast her for 12 hours prior and it’s a good 45 minute drive each way.

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  3. What a relief to know she really has nothing SCARY going on inside of her physically – mentally she has a bit of a “MAD-ON” but that will go away as she eventually forgives your betrayal. I know they think we’re torturing them sometimes but wouldn’t it be nice if they understood we just LOVE them????? Anyway, good news. Very!

    Hugs, Pam

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