Sassy Cats — Just Hazel, just pictures

Snoozing with pops

Trying out the new carpet

Hazel: Is it suppertime?

Hazel on the windowsill she fell out of!

Butt buddies with Gracie!

Hazel very regal looking. She was very young here.

Enjoying the porch

Hazel checking on the ‘hood. This was one of her favorite spots.

With her peeps and Morgan on the dining room table where they weren’t supposed to be.

Sunshine looks good on her!

Hazel with new stair carpet. I always wanted a carpet that matched the cats.

With Morgan on the porch on a gorgeous summer day.

Where is dinner?

Goodbye sweet Hazel.

70 thoughts on “Sassy Cats — Just Hazel, just pictures

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss – and sorry that I didn’t see this earlier. Hazel was a very beautiful cat and this was a lovely memorial of her. I also think the first picture is my favourite, snoozing with Pops.
    Run free, sweet Hazel. Rest in peace, beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

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  2. What a lovely tribute to Hazel, you’ve really conveyed her personality here, I love the “where’s the dinner?” one, so apt! It’s always awful to lose a pet, so sending you love, snuggle the others a little bit tighter!

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  3. Thank goodness for cameras to capture the pictures of your sweet Hazel – they were all capturing her spirit and it’s hard to pick a favorite. but I did like “sleeping with pops” an awful lot! {{{ }}} Hugs to you Kate.

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    • I know. When I lost Jake 3 years ago, it didn’t have near as many pictures of him especially from when he was young. Along the way I got a much better camera and I use it. I have so many pictures of the grays partly because they are so active and partly because I’m conscious of taking pictures.

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      • I am grateful for all the pictures in my albums from way back – it is great to look back at them – as an only child, my parents took a lot of photos of me and I have photos with each pet through the years. Now you have digital albums of Hazel and the others which you’ll look at more than if they were pictures in an photo album. I follow another blogger named Ari and she just had her cat euthanized the end of December. The cat’s name was Sev and she lost Sev’s sister one year ago. When I offered my condolences, she wrote back today to say she has Sev’s photo on her phone to remember her.

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  4. Looks like Hazel could camouflage herself in that carpet. I enjoyed seeing her life with you in photos, and I’m especially glad you chose the “unadoptable” one at the back of the cage. Hugs. ❀

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    • I would encourage anyone to seek out the oldest or longest at the shelter or the ones that don’t “show” well. They are great pets when they have their own home. Shelters are scary. Too much noise and commotion and weird smells.

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  5. So many purrfect pictures – hard to match your memories of her
    The “regal” pose on the couch is one of my favorites – that and the one with the chickens huddling close to her (as she protects them…obviously she was protecting them HAHA)
    I’m pampering RC more than usual – a few signs no one else sees. But that hasn’t stopped her from charging the dog…down the hall for no reason at full cat speed. We can’t figure it out, but Molly is thrilled and thinks the cat has finally accepted her and wants to play. They are the odd couple. Just took the dog to play group where she can run her little paws out with friends and will get a bath before coming home (ankle deep water in parts of yard here) – RC is stomping around complaining the dog is missing and we must have lost her. Foolish staff.

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    • The signs sneak up. I am constantly checking Mollie much to her dismay. She is actually older than Hazel but other than scratching (vet thinks maybe food allergies which we can’t find) she seems fine. Then again Hazel passed a full physical Thanksgiving week with flying colors. Life is precious and tenuous. We can all get hit by a car on our next trip. Enough maudlin. Back to celebrating life.

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