Sassy cats – No butterflies and rainbows

Some weeks are great. Nothing bad happens. No diarrhea. No barf. Just butterflies and rainbows.

Mollie: Bunny barfed on the floor. Poor Bunny!

Then you have a week like this. First the dreaded barf puddles. I walked into them twice. Once with fuzzy socks (which went into the laundry) and the second time at 3:30 a.m. with bare feet. By the time I cleaned my feet and the floor, I was wide awake!

Morgan: Oh look! Stamp! I have to kill it!

I wrote out the Christmas cards. Morgan thought she would help by eating a stamp. She took a fancy to them and I couldn’t discourage her until I hid them. Fortunately we only lost stamp. There is fur in the box I store the cards in but we’ll save that for next year.

There were bite marks in some of my post-it notes but I could read them. They were stuck to the floor but I found them.

Mollie decided to stand on my chest at 3 a.m. to see if I was still alive. I saw her check off her list next to “annoy Kate.”

Hazel: Me? You think I was on the centerpiece? Do you have real evidence or is it circumstantial?

I’m pretty sure Hazel took a nap in the Christmas centerpiece. Oh well.

As we end this week, I’m anticipating butterflies and rainbows for next week. All the critters here hope you have a wonderful and hairball free holiday!

Author’s note: If you receive a Christmas card from us and it has bite marks, a mangled stamp or a bit of fur, that’s a gift from the management team here. We humans did our best to hide those and keep them away from allergy-prone friends. However…

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats – No butterflies and rainbows

  1. I just returned from my son’s house where their dog was leaving them little “barf presents” all over the place, too! For some reason a beef bone didn’t agree with him, and there were multiple episodes. At least I wasn’t the one who had to clean them up. On NYE be sure to hide the liquor! I’d hate to think what would happen if the cats decided to party!


  2. I hope your holidays are hairball free and it is butterflies and rainbows going forward. (P.S. – I heard similar stories of barefoot forays to the bathroom in the middle of the night ending up with wet and sticky feet from cat-friend Carol.)

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  3. We’ve had the same week here. One sick cat with two vet visits…I think Gilda’s on the road to recover. And now Gracie has opened up a couple of her spay stitches. Back the the vet’s office in a few minutes and I see a cone of shame in her future.

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