Random 5 for December 23 – Friend, lost friends, spicy food, falls, carols

Old friends – I ran into an old friend this week. We worked together 20+ years ago. After I left the job we’d get together occasionally but lost contact in the past few years. Not even a Christmas card. She is considerably older than me and I always worry that there is an illness or even death when I don’t get that Christmas card. We are having lunch in January. She is healthy enough to get around. As you get older you always those aches and pains and other things that aren’t too limiting. She looks pretty fabulous for her 80’s. #bestgiftever!

Speaking of no card – Many years ago, I didn’t get a Christmas card from one of my childhood best friends. She lives in another state so I hadn’t seen her in a few years. I didn’t think much of it until I saw her obituary the following March. She had been ill for some time. #nocardequalspanic

Hot, hot, hot –Recently I was at a favorite Mexican restaurant with some friends. We tried a new special and unanimously decided that it needed to be served with a hot sauce. I put some on the leftovers at home and it kicked it up a notch. Lately I’ve been eating my foods spicier. I rarely eat a sandwich without horseradish AND hot peppers. Surprisingly, I have less indigestion issues. #gofigure

Things that go bump in the night – I heard a thump. I have cats so I don’t react to noise. However, the covers went flying off. I do react to cold! The beloved husband was on the floor. He took the covers with him. I asked what happened and he wasn’t sure. One minute he was sleeping with vivid dreams and the next he was on the floor with a pile of blankets. #thinkingofchildguards

Songs to love – I love Christmas carols but some radio stations take this opportunity to play the worst trash camouflaged as a Christmas song. The Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and David Bowie is one of my favorites! #realcarols

So how was your week?

65 thoughts on “Random 5 for December 23 – Friend, lost friends, spicy food, falls, carols

  1. I have a similar concern about losing a friend and perhaps not receiving the information in a timely fashion, or at all. Several of my old friends live alone and don’t have anyone who would contact me. It’s kind of hard to think about! I am sure your husband is fine or you’d have mentioned, so I laughed at his nighttime flight! A couple of years ago I had a very vivid dream, and although I don’t recall the dream this much time later, I do remember how I literally propelled myself out of bed and landed with a hard thud on the floor. It was the strangest thing. I told my granddaughters about it at the time, and they still bring it up from time to time, thinking it was hilarious! Your hashtags were quite clever, Kate. I loved them!


  2. Nothing is a tasteful as a delicious hashtag. Thanks for the Christmas chuckles (and after a couple of years absence we sent a small group of Christmas cards out this year. We have some very dedicated friends and family who never got out of the habit – that and guilt as the dog seemed to be getting more cards each year than us. Go figure.
    As you say, as we get older, we are counting to see who is missing this year…I know the ancient aunts and uncles prized cards sent each year and carried them around the sr. living/nursing homes to show off. Christmas joy comes in many forms – I must remember that.
    Hope you and all your lovely fur regents are having the merriest Christmas ever!

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  3. Oh my! We have started to do the charity-donation-in-lieu-of-cards thing, so that means A LOT of people won’t have received one from us (and aren’t on social media so won’t know). Oh dear. 😳

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  4. As I am typing this the Drummer Boy just came on! I am listening to Christmas cards at 5:30am. I remember watching Bing and Bowie when this Christmas special aired. I was very moved and it is still a favorite. Glad your hubby is okay… had to be a shocker! Merry Christmas Eve, Kate!

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  5. The Christmas cards I receive and send are fewer too but I enjoy keeping in touch as those who send aren’t part of social media. A written note means a lot to some. The younger folks do social media. I hope your husband fell on carpet or a rug!

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  6. Strange…I heard this song today and said to my wife I remember watching his Christmas show when they sang this together. Sometimes you hear something and know it’s special immediately. Who would have thought pairing these two.
    Funny..I can tolerate moderately spicy foods as I’ve gotten older than I could when I was younger.

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  7. I still cry over David Bowie leaving on the express. Tell Gracie she probably looks chic even if itches. I gather she’s wearing one of those lampshade deals one frequently sees.
    Your husband may have been fighting in his dream…sounds like he won.
    And your friend in her 80s, makes me think of Mimi…spry, a force onto herself as well as you.

    Aches and pains, I know. I’m always waiting for the other ear, I mean, shoe to drop.

    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Kate, and can see all those stockings hung by the chimney with care filled with catnip. 🙂

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  8. Love the hashtags — you always do something fun with your randoms. We’re getting fewer and fewer cards now, but then I haven’t sent any out in years. In order to get, one must (continue to) give.

    One of those Time-Life infomercials was playing on the overhead TV at the gym today, and they were selling a Bing Crosby DVD set of his performances. I guess I’m finally ready to overlook his relationship with his kids and start enjoying his work again. He certainly was a force all his own for so many years with radio, films, recordings, and even TV. – Marty

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  9. I once had a beloved Golden Retriever named Carrie who napped on my bed. One time she was too close to the edge. She was dreaming and began to roll over. I reached out and touched her trying to warn her but off she went. She never forgave me. I guess she thought I pushed her. She was not hurt but never napped on a bed again. 😊 Happy Holidays Kate and Thanks for all the smiles!

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  10. No card from my old boss or my last remaining maternal uncle for the second year running. My old boss has probably moved and I spoke to my uncle a little while ago. He’s 90 something now and not in good health, but has regular contact with my brother in NZ so if anything had happened, I’d get to know. We’ve had nearly forty cards this year, only five of which are from family.
    After the dodgy start to the week, it’s turned out OK.
    Hope your Hubby is OK. One thing about the boat, there was no way I could fall out of bed, I was next to the side!

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  11. Morning, Kate! Sounds like your husband survived his fall. That’s NOT a pleasant way to wake up. Glad you bumped into an old friend AND you took the opportunity to schedule lunch. Hope it’s a good one ~ plenty of hot stuff and NO indigestion! 😀

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  12. My card sending this year has been …well…lax and a bit limited! I guess I have been busy with so many other things, that something fell by the wayside. But, I do have a question…when do you stop sending a card? I have an acquaintance that I have not seen/spoken too for at least 40 years. Every year she sends me a card with her whole families picture on it. I don’t know them!!! She was a college friend who has gone her way and I mine. I worry about hurting someone’s feelings by not sending a card. I did not send a card this year.
    I wish you (and the beloved husband and kitties) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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    • It all depends on how you feel about the person. If you feel there is no connection any more, there’s no point in sending a card. Sometimes people pare down. I have sent cards for a few years after I was “pared down.” I liked them and it wasn’t anywhere near 40 years since I saw them. One of my friends stopped sending them altogether and she told everyone. I remember my Mom when she got older. She really looked forward to the cards and pictures (if there were any) from all her nieces and nephews. With today’s social media, we’re able to keep up in other ways all year long. Have a great holiday. PS: My husband gets cards from people I don’t know. He hasn’t seen them (or communicated with them) in over 20 years but they continue to send.

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