Sassy cats — Morgan and the computer

Having a little nosh.

Morgan is definitely the computer cat. It’s the place that we bond together…sort of. If you think butt in face and deleting posts is bonding.

Smells so good.

Sometime during the summer she decided that computers are to chew on. No she is not allowed to do that. She will listen when I say no…sort of. She is a cat after all.

Is that a paper clip? Must kill it!

Such activities always require a bath afterward. (I apologize for the explicit butt porn shot! I don’t know how to put a fig leaf over it.)

I’m exhausted! Inspiring writers is work.

Then she settles down for a nice nap!

Morgan and the crew wish you a great weekend!

Photographer’s note: All shots were taken at the same time. For some reason the shots of the right side of the computer have a yellow haze and the photo on the left side of the computer does not. Lighting!

Note: The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is caring for cats rescued from the fires. Here is the link.ย You can see some of the cats — seared whiskers and (bandaged) paws but not too gruesome. The Humane Society of Ventura is working with animal victims of the fire including horses. You can contribute here.ย There may be other organizations out there that need help too. I just don’t know them.

47 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Morgan and the computer

  1. What’s not to like about cat butt porn? !!! I contribute on a monthly basis to the SPCALA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Cats… I mean Animals) Los Angeles and the HSUS (Humane Society of the US). The least I can do for so many animals in need all the time. But nice to make an extra donation in times of catastrophic events.


  2. Hi Kate, thank you for including the links: UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and The Humane Society of Ventura. I plan to visit both sites. Heartbreaking. Thanks also for the daily inspiration. Your posts always make me smile. (And Morgan is absolutely fabulous.)

    Take care,

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  3. I love Morgan. She reminds me of Polly, who was my best cat.

    Thanks for the links. There’s so much suffering from these fires. Although most people are praying for rain, my daughter’s friend is in the path of mud slides. She had to be evacuated a couple of times last year. Once the trees are gone, there’s nothing to hold back the mud.

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  4. Morgan is probably posting on Facebook when you are not looking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, it is really sad that so many pets and wild animals too are displaced and injured by the fires. I donate to a CA shelter to help a bit with efforts. They are fostering out the regular shelter animals to make room for fire victim animals. Of course human lives are the main concern, but we can’t forget about these secondary loses.

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    • I’m always about the animals because there are organizations set up and working for people. I really worry about the wild animals that can’t be rescued. It can wipe out an area’s natural critters. I love how much better animal rescue works together these days. We get shipments here of shelter pets to make room for the locally displaced ones in the affected areas.


    • Cats are all different. Jake did not like if you watched him potty. He would growl at you and refuse to do it until you left. Morgan, on the other hand, is an exhibitionist. She loves to flaunt what she has. They all make me laugh. They all like to watch me shower too. What’s that about?


  5. Woodrow doesn’t chew on the computer — he chooses the hubby’s iPad Pro instead! Yikes! As I’m sure you know, I take a million pictures at one time and I get the lighting changes, too. I’m glad you shared those groups, too. It’s horrible what’s happening in California, but everyone stepping up is so awesome.

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  6. My late cat Lily was FAR too involved in the computer. She did teach me several things though. She had a gift for stepping on just the right set of keys to make the computer do strange things like reorient the text so that everything was sideways. In case you wondering that is so disorienting that even using the mouse becomes hard.

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