Sassy cats – Mollie, a life story

Over the next few weeks, my Friday Sassy Cats will feature one of my feline friends and their stories. Hope you enjoy.

Mollie was adopted as an adult mother cat who already had a litter of kittens. All the kittens were adopted but no one wanted the mom cat. I don’t know why. She is gorgeous and so small at under 7 pounds that she looked like a kitten herself.

When I met her at the shelter she was extremely shy. When I took her into the “meet and greet” room she high tailed it for the waste can and hid. That’s the best I got before I took her home.

Even at home, she took to our resident cat Jake before she took to me. Jake loved her. He is picky with his friends both human and feline so I was very pleased.

She got sick. They didn’t want to release her but I could take better care of her than they could. We headed to my vet who said she was good except for respiratory issues. She got some meds but promptly gave the respiratory illness to Jake who also had to take pills. He wasn’t happy about that but blamed me, who administered the pills, rather than his new buddy Mollie.

Unfortunately they both took a turn for the worse and spent a week in the vet hospital so there was no cat in the house. It was a very sad quiet week.

This adoption was back in the day where you promised to get them spayed or neutered. Mollie was intact when I picked her up. She had just had a litter and wasn’t well so I put off the spaying until she could recover. (Jake was neutered so no worries!)

A week before her scheduled surgery she went into heat. Holy cow! She caterwauled all night. Jake flapped his ears down to block out the noise. She paraded her lady parts in front of him. He put his paws over his eyes. (Yes he did that. I think he was scared!) She pulled out all the hoochie coochie tactics but he wasn’t having any of it.

The next day I moved up the appointment.

She’s a very graceful lady cat. Here are some comments I’ve heard her say.

“Seriously, you’re wearing those shoes with that outfit?”

“Human, I need some fresh food. There are crusty hard bits on the old stuff from a half hour ago.”

“Who decided we need another cat? (This was for Hazel’s adoption.)”

“Who decided we need another cat? (This was for Morgan’s adoption.)”

“Who decided we need another cat? (This was for Gracie’s adoption.)” (In all fairness, Jake and Mollie did a chorus on the “We don’t need more cats” line.)

“Ewww! Someone touched my cat bed. I better sleep on yours.”

At age 14 she is still a tiny lady cat who wears white gloves and stockings although she’s no longer looking for sailor boy cats. As the smallest at 7 pounds she’s also the alpha cat and rules the roost.

Long live the queen!

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Mollie, a life story

        • Prior to this crew, my cats were indoor/outdoor. We even had a cat door to let Jake go outside and come in. None of these cats ever tried it ever as they watched him go in and out. I was flabbergasted. We locked the cat door after Jake passed (and we found out the raccoons were having parties in the porch at night). Even if the door is propped open a few seconds to get something out, no one has interest in investigating the outside. All 4 of them were outdoor cats originally so I am truly flummoxed. I take it to mean they realize how good they have it. BTW I’d never have an indoor/outdoor cat again. Too much worry. I was about to get a GPS animal tracker for Jake as he was getting too old to defend himself but he took a turn for the worse and passed.

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  1. Mollie is beautiful. I can just imagine how it feels to pick her up. I’m not really surprised that she rules the roost. One of the nice things about cats is how they surprise us with their personalities.

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    • I had lost Lacey, an all black female that did not get along with Jake. She was quite old (about 18) and I kept her in a large sunny bedroom where she was safe. She really was the instigator most of the time but their bad blood started when he was young and she wasn’t happy with him. It was a relief that Jake took to Mollie right away. No hissing at all.


  2. Oh, Queen Mollie, you are a pretty girl! Hahaha, That bit about Jake covering his eyes is a HOOT. Poor boy. He didn’t know what had come over her! I keep meaning to do my cats’ stories and still haven’t gotten around to it. LOVE THIS.

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  3. What a wonderful feature, Kate. I loved learning more about Mollie. I look forward t reading more about Hazel, Morgan and Gracie as well!

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  4. Bat Cat had one heat before I had her spayed — mainly because she was so small as a rescue small I had no idea how old she was. Luckily, she had the neutered Shamu Cat to wash her face and calm her. He had no interest, but he was kind.

    It was still horrible. Spaying commenced immediately!

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    • When I was a child, our cats were indoor/outdoor so any “heat” happened outside where the male cats were. Inside it was loud and it went on for most of the night. Poor Jake. He was neutered young so he had no idea what was goin on.

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  5. Nice to learn Mollie’s story. Please tell her that the Tooth Fairy finally mailed her gifts out Wednesday so they should arrive today or tomorrow. 🙂

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    • Hazel is like that. She was around a year old and part of an outdoor litter. Not much socialization as a kitten and she has never warmed up to people. She allows me to brush her and stroke her most of the time but sometimes she will hide from me too. As she is getting older she is getting more mellow or it’s too much trouble to run.

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    • Mollie is beautiful, sweet and no trouble. I don’t know why someone surrendered her to the shelter with her litter. I don’t know why someone didn’t get her spayed and keep her but their loss is my gain!

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  6. Mollie is a beautiful cat. I am surprised she is the alpha. I don’t know that I would have picked another of your cats as alpha but the fact that she is the alpha cat does surprise me. Scary that she and Jake had to spend such a long time in the hospital with respiratory issues. I am so glad you adopted her! Great pictures for the Sassy Cat post today, and I like the feline friends feature. Looking forward to next Friday!

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  7. it is sad that so much peeps have just eyes for the kittens… but without the mom they wouldn’t be there… Hugs to you Mollie, you are sure a Lady… maybe the feline twin of Tina Turner : We don’t need another (hero) kitty ;O)

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    • None of my rescues were kittens. They were all at least a year old or more. They estimated that Mollie was about 18 months old. She has never gained weight so she was full grown. Kittens are so fun but they grow up fast. That adorable stage is very short although for some people the bonding is important.

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