Sassy cats — Olympics edition

This is a picture of Gracie watching the Olympics. Oh, maybe she wasn’t exactly watching.

Gracie was able to work on a new competition — bagging. Here she is practicing her routine. We have had a talk. This house is full of boxes and now bags. Her athletic career may be at an end. She is allowed to pick ONE thing besides her mousies, catnip toys, feather wand and bed. Not only is it messy to have this stuff all over but it’s expensive to continue buying stuff so we have proper containers.

Since there isn’t a lot of activity here I’ll share something I saw earlier this week.Unfortunately my cats were not into any special gymnastics this week. Maybe they are saving themselves for the summer Olympics!

42 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Olympics edition

  1. From what I know of your cats and their ability to seek comfort, I think winter Olympics are entirely too harsh! They’re definitely resting up for the Summer Olympics. No question!

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    • Mine are for sure! Gracie won’t go out in the screened porch because it’s too cold. Morgan and Hazel do but they whine and shake their frozen toes when they come in. I always tell them that there are cats who live outdoors. They don’t believe me.


  2. Olympics are expensive. But in the end, winning that metal is life changing. Pet Olympics is huge! I say you back Gracie in her endeavor. It has to be a win-win in the end, right? I’m off now to practice my slide. Practice makes perfect. Watch out lamps in the front room. Here I come! Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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