Sassy cats — The week according to Hazel

Where is my catnip bag? (Yes, all that stuff is in our family room! It’s an obstacle course unless you are a cat.)

Hazel here, after a week of diarrhea meds and vet calls, I’m ok. The vet is talking about poop samples and maybe a diarrhea sample next time it happens. The human doesn’t like gathering that stuff. Something about needing a gas mask or wiping out the vet clinic. Not sure what that’s all about as my plops smell delightful! There’s may also be a probiotic (cha-ching) in my future. Hope it’s catnip flavored or maybe tuna. Yum!

Morgan: Red dot! You have a red dot? Let me at it!

The human made a new friend at the real gym. I suggested a gift of catnip but she rolled her eyes. Humans are not rational. Catnip is the best gift of all.


Unless you are talking about the red dot. The red dot occasionally appears. Even I, Hazel the Humongous, will take a couple of wipes at it. Morgan will go crazy though.

We got to spend some time on the screened porch during the warm days. We are now waiting for spring so the human puts the cushions back. Human says 53 more days. Yay!

See you all next week!

48 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The week according to Hazel

  1. Thinking of poor Hazel I struggled with the “like” option! I hope your human gets some answers for you very soon. That is not a fun condition for anyone in the household, I’m quite sure. I’m scrunching up my face even as I type this! LOL!

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  2. Oh Hazel, what’s going around? I had to take in a sample for Dexter the other day. They gave me an actual way to collect it. Does your mom have that? Tested negative for Giardia (phew!). But something is still going on. So, Woodrow will be going to the vet so they can collect an “extra fresh” sample for another test. Poor guy. Both Dexter and Woodrow are having the same problem. Hope you’re feeling better soon!


    • The ones the vet recommended are pretty pricey. On-line it’s $28 for a 30 days supply. I’m sure it’s more at the vet. I’ve had no experience with other ones. I had given her Pearls before (on the recommendation by my vet) but now there are ones specifically for cats.


  3. Thing One here, or am I Thing Two? My brother and I look alike, so the humans call me by both names, and now even I’m confused. Glad you’re feeling better, Hazel. I’m not that big on catnip myself, kind of a teetotaler I guess. But I do get after that red dot. Funny how it never shows up when the humans are asleep.

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  4. Hi, Hazel – You must be taking a computer course with Molly. Your writing is excellent!
    I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I’m sending positive vibes that the cushions return to your screened porch soon!

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  5. Happy to see the Hazel pose. (Staff always seem so snooty about their poop duties, don’t they?)
    Recently when we call rancher/vet relatives waaay out in the frigid Wild West, we ask if they are trying warm and they say, “Let me check. All the cats are on their backs with their feet in the air in the living room so we must be warm. If it’s cold, they coil up in the laundry.”
    Stay fluffy, my friend!

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  6. Hazel, so glad to hear you are okay! This is an H E double L kinda way to lose weight. Time on the porch can cure what ails you. Time on the porch makes me happy… but it could be the wine. I can see Morgan with the red dot for sure. Probiotics could be a very good thing. Stay squirt free and feel better and enjoy your weekend.

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  7. Snorts and runs in circles at the anticipation of the red dot!! You too? OINKS – we *all* love that red dot. I know I sat on it one day but it disappeared. One day, I will catch it. You just wait and see. And hey heads up. Make the vet dude buy you a catniptini before he gets near your captains quarters. That’s the least he can do. Good luck friend. XOXO – Bacon

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