In recovery, not much going on

Gracie chillin’ out!

Today is a normal post day but we are all recovering. In this house when someone is under the weather, we all are — four legs and two!

Gracie had yet another surgery this week. She had two teeth pulled. The roots were eroded and exposed. Ouch! The vet said they were located where our wisdom teeth would be. She’s very young for teeth issues but it may have been a result of poor nutrition during the stage when her teeth were developing.

I knew something was up. Although she didn’t act like she was in pain, her mouth was overly sensitive. She couldn’t be checked (the vet couldn’t take to look inside) unless she was under anesthesia.

The surgery was at the beginning of the week. She spent some time isolated and because she’s a tough cat (not inclined to listen to good advice) her recovery took a little longer.

Cats get pain meds and I am very grateful. So is Gracie although she doesn’t know it.

Now she is out and about and wondering what the fuss was about. All the rest of us are looking at her as she totally disrupted the week.

Normal programming will resume. Perhaps an extra mocha latte is in order.

55 thoughts on “In recovery, not much going on

  1. Sorry to hear about Gracie. She is a trooper…as are you. Good thing she came to live with you. So hard when the catkids have problems. I think it’s worse having them unwell than being unwell myself. Purrs and prayers that this is the last vet visit for awhile.

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  2. That cat did pick the right realm. Only an expert would have noticed her sensitivity and not thought she was just being polite or a recluse. She struggled in her early life and paid for it – so now she’s ready for easy street….oh, ok, she has to share it with the other…and give the humans some too.
    Certainly more latte!

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  3. It always amazes me how quickly pets recover from surgeries. Devil Cat was back to his demon-ish self after just one day. We carried groggy Dog Three to the car after her sterilization and made the ten minute drive home. When I opened the car door to carry her into the house, she jumped out on her own and tried to walk to the house. Good thing she didn’t do herself any harm!

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  4. So happy Gracie was lucky enough to find you! She got the much needed dental surgery she needed and got lots of love. I am glad she is recovering well! Funny!…. she probably is wondering what all the fuss was about! She was in la la land while you worried! I think a mocha latte sounds pretty good right now… maybe a glass of wine.

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  5. Oh that poor sweet animal! Perhaps that might account for her strange fever a month or so ago. Hope she mends quickly. And thanks for loving critters. It makes you a very special person.

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