Sassy cats – Mollie is a star! Visiting with Bacon

I'm a star!

I’m a star!

Sassy cats is a day early this week! It’s a celebrity edition!

Do you know Bacon? No, not the breakfast food that comes with eggs, the pot-bellied pig who has his own blog?

He lives in a most interesting house called the Hotel Thompson (which isn’t really a hotel except maybe for critters) in Georgia (that’s the state, not the country). He graciously shares his domicile with two humans who are essentially live-in staff, a dog, a cat and a squirrel.

Here is Bacon as a baby

Here is Bacon as a baby

The squirrel may live outside because he’s a reporter and reporters have to be on their feet checking for news. Or maybe nuts.

There’s also a traveling rock. I know. Crazy house.

He’s quite the celebrity with more followers than most bloggers. He has his own room with his own bed and TV. His chief daytime duty is to keep his human Dad out of trouble and that takes pretty much work.

Mollie was featured in an interview with Bacon. It created quite a ruckus here. Mollie is eldest cat and RC cat (that would be Royal Cat of the Realm*). As such, she expects adoration, catnip and tuna. Oh yes, also complete obedience…especially from the other cats and human staff.

There is even Oscar talk. Need tiaras for the red carpet. Nice diamonds too.

Want to know want she said? Here is the link to this hot off the press story!


*Royal Cat of the Realm is credited to the RC cat at Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

49 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Mollie is a star! Visiting with Bacon

  1. WOW, Mollie – you have your own blog?! Mom only let’s me guest post on hers once in a while because she hogs our only computer (no offense, Bacon, if you’re reading this). You really ARE an alpha, Mollie!

    There’s only one thing I don’t understand. Who gets the coffee? (Mom won’t even give me a tiny taste from that coffee mug that’s always by her side). I don’t know if Bacon is allowed to have any either – I don’t recall reading anything about it on his blog. If you get to drink it, tell me — it any good?

    Woof! Tink

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  3. It sound like our four that we have and our two dogs. We decided that our older cat needed a companion to play with and the gentle man who come and sold our new furnace we got talking about cats and he had three and was looking to give one or two away. Well the one that he was talking about giving away she became pregnant again and my wife and graciously took her in and adopted her in our home hoping that she would get along with our other cat. Well that went south really fast this the first time I have had a cats not adjust to each other right off. But we kept her and raised her and raised her kitties and found homes for all four but two which we kept for ourselves. She has been fixed and I think this the first time she know what it is like to just be a cat and not a mother cat all the time. She is playing and gets along with our older cat and is know starting to play a little with her two kittens. It fun to watch her change and become a fun loving cat. I mean she was at first but to see her relax and just be a cat and not have to worry about kittens all the time is great. She learn to enjoy life and have fun as she get older know. I love my critters they are my children since my wife and are not able to have kids and physical not able to handle them to much stress for me to handle children with my neorological disorders I have. Sure I would love to have kids I love my nieces and nephews to death but that’s all I can handle. That and the high school kids substitute when I do get this opertunity to do sub. But I really like how you add lib your blog to the critters great job.

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    • She looked like a young cat in a cage with another young cat. I asked to see the young one and they went for the boy. Then they told me she was 18 months old and came in with a litter. There was a young boy and his grandfather ahead of me who adopted the grey tiger. I would have taken him too. They cuddled together so tightly probably in fear. She had a rough couple weeks. She was sick and separated from her young’un and in this new house with a big black cat (who adored her but didn’t want to mate).

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  4. veree nice ta meet ewe both….we stopped bye frum bacon’s blog…we N joyed yur interview two day…if yur ever over at blogger, stop bye, pull up a hammick, grab a plate ore
    5 N reelax fora few…..we all wayz haz foodz on de grill 25/8 ! 🙂 ♥♥♥….oh, N if ya due knot understand uz…..due knot feel bad….we due knot understand R selves ~~~~~~ 😉

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