Sassy cats — Ready for Christmas

The house is decorated (as much as we do) and everything is ready. The cats did their “test” thing to make sure everything was good to go.

Hazel testing out the tree skirt. She rated it comfy.

Hazel testing out the tree skirt. She rated it comfy.


Then she tested the tree bag.

Then she tested the tree bag. Interesting but not as comfy.

Morgan flew around sitting here or sitting there. Eventually she was exhausted and settled here.morgan-asleeponloveseat2016

Fully sacked, she needed her beauty sleep.

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Ready for Christmas

  1. It’s so good Staff has supervision. We had a cat once that thought the tree was like a periscope on a submarine – she was constantly on lookout duty somewhere up there. Fortunately she was small and the large RC at the time cat was cranky and loud enough and willing to raise The Paw until she understood (that she needed to avoid the older cat under the tree until he was a lot slower)

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  2. Lovely photos. Freddie and Frankie (especially) have been very “helpful” with the decorations and wrapping presents. My older cat Pharoah just says, “Wait, this isn’t food… I’ll be back when it’s dinner.”

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    • Mollie is more of an upstairs cat. When she comes downstairs, she sits on an audio speaker and looks out the window. She hasn’t been fascinated with Christmas for a while. Now a nice fire is another thing. They all love to lie in front of the fireplace when it’s on.


    • I took several pictures of Morgan and she never opened her eye. Totally zonked. I used to have a cat that chewed on electrical cords. One spring I took off the electric blanket (with the cords running under the bed) and there were several bare spots, small but bare. I never figured out how she didn’t kill herself or at least get a substantial shock. No more electrical wires under things when I had her. Morgan likes to chew paper on the desk. If there isn’t any (preferably important papers) she’ll chew on the charging cords. She’s mostly grown out of that stage but still loves the paper (only important papers).


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