Sassy cats – Morgan

Morgan eating on the porch. She loves al fresco dining.

Morgan eating on the porch. She loves al fresco dining.

Some cats are destined to carve their names in your heart. I have had a few of those. Morgan is one of those cats.

We were away for the weekend and I had my cat sitter stop in. She was greeted by a very happy Morgan who showed her where the kibble was; instructed her on the fine art of cleaning the litter box; and then demanded that she stay and play.

My sitter calls her a cat-dog.

She oversees the vacuuming undeterred by the noise and scolds squirrels and chipmunks as needed. She says they need training.

Morgan: This is boring. Where is the delete button....

Morgan: This is boring. Where is the delete button….

She will play with nothing for hours then hop on the computer desk to swish her tail on my touch screen and obliterate anything I’ve been working on.

She plays hard all day and goes to sleep around 7 p.m. You could say she sleeps pretty hard too.

Morgan fast asleep at the end of a busy day!

Morgan fast asleep at the end of a busy day!

She’s around 4 years old and you can’t tell by her actions.

If she had two eyes I wouldn’t have felt the need to rescue her. You could say that I’m lucky she lost an eye because we gained an energy that is boundless.

29 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Morgan

  1. Rescue pets just have special qualities, I think. Morgan is a charmer! I didn’t realize until this post that she only had one eye. Do you know anything about how she lost her eye? The reason I ask is simply that when an animal has been through some kind of trauma and then we choose them, they bond so completely! I do think it’s interesting that Morgan is so confident. Indeed a very special furry friend!

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    • She had an eye infection when she was turned into the shelter as a stray. Although they treated it they couldn’t control the infection. The vet removed the eye so it wouldn’t progress to her brain. They though she was around 9 months old at the time. She was very passive when she first came. She didn’t speak for 3 months. Very vocal now!


  2. She sounds very people friendly. I was out and went into a pet store where the Humane Society was having an adoption event. They were all sleeping except one, who was reaching through the cage trying to play and attraction attention. That one must be like your Morgan. It really wanted to be adopted. Heartbreaking to see all the wonderful animals without a home. They were from a rural county and the Humane lady said they would never be adopted unless they brought them to the public.

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  3. Morgan sleeps like Teddy. I have never had a super friendly cat. Although, Dolly, the only female I’ve had loved a man in uniform or with tools. Maybe I am led to cats that are like me.

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  4. Busy Cats are the Devil’s Spawn and I love them. They are always in the way, always creating problems and always entertaining. They are lovely. Morgan looks utterly huggable.
    Lily isn’t too busy, she’s mostly just pesty. And that, of course, I love as well.

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    • She thinks so too. I have to be careful. She sleeps deeply. I have gone to give her a pet only to scare the daylights of her which resulted in me getting slammed by a terrified cat.


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