Random 5 for June 19 – Pets, activities, irony, cameras, water lilies

Here is the pink water lily!

Here is the pink water lily!

Pond – This is the first week that all three colors of my water lilies bloomed. It is just gorgeous.

The week that was – Hazel had surgery this week. (That’s a total other story!) Talk about a household turning upside down. She is fine now but I did cancel some plans so I could concentrate on worrying.

Locking down dates – This past week we scheduled a whole bunch of activities. Once the weather breaks everyone starts planning. I need another 4 weeks between July and September. Any suggestions?

Source unavailable. Coloring very similar to Morgan

Catbird — Source unavailable. Coloring very similar to Morgan

Ironic isn’t it? – We have a nest of catbirds. They are called cat birds because their language mimics cat sounds. We also have cats. This week I witnessed a catbird (who is grey colored just like Morgan) having a discussion with Morgan. It was very animated and amusing (for a human). Sure wish they would have posed for a picture.

Where did that dumb bird go?

Where did that dumb bird go?

Smart camera – You’ve heard people (like me) complain that their car, phone, etc. is smarter than they are. My camera is too. I did something that changed the viewing screen and couldn’t figure out how to get it back to normal. I did the normal “camera” thing. I gave it to the beloved husband to figure out. There is something about manual stuff that is easier.

So how was your week?

46 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 19 – Pets, activities, irony, cameras, water lilies

  1. Sorry that Hazel had to have surgery and that she gained a pound. After I fell I gained 7 pounds! They are almost gone but I miss eating again. I love it when cats talk to the birds. Teddy has sharp words for the pigeons. Beautiful lily.

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  2. Manual stuff is so much easier. I hate when my settings get messed up like that b/c I have to figure it out myself as hubby is tech impaired. Love the conversation between Morgan and the catbird. hahaha I can imagine: If I can get to you, bird, you better look out. Oh, yeah, dumb cat? Come on then! I dare ya!

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  3. You are a woman after my own heart. I don’t know that I set aside time to worry, but I do it very well when needed. As to summer days, I’d suggest dividing days in half and scheduling things both morning and afternoon. If necessary, split days three ways. You might have to perform all activities in double or triple time. Maybe you can tell I’m a musician, used to practicing things too fast to get it done. Love the lily.

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  4. Glad that Hazel and you survived the week! Love the water lily.

    We had a good week ~ celebrated our 32nd Anniversary with jazz on the beach. Went for a walk on the beach this morning ~ gorgeous breeze and temps AND low humidity.

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  5. First things first…glad Hazel is out of ICU. Must have been hard on you after losing Jake to see her in distress. Now does she see why she needs to keep her weight down? Can I send something? Flowers, fruit, a mouse in a freezer Ziploc bag? Let me know.

    Love the picture of the lily. That new camera of yours is really wonderful. The picture of Morgan too. She’s got a Ginger Rogers thing goin on, just with gray hair, I mean fur. Love the line about her conversing with the catbird. So funny.

    Will look forward to more pond and porch stories. The season is young, after all.

    Look forward to the Random 5. 🙂

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  6. So glad Hazel is ok and Morgan made a new friend. A friend she would just love to get her paws on. As to needing four weeks between July and September I have a solution. Most people call it August, but I call it a living hell. You’re welcome to it.

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  7. I can’t count the hours I’ve spent with my camera’s manual trying to figure out what I did without knowing it, and how to fix it. It is nature’s way of making me read the manual, I guess.

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  8. Temperatures are to be over the century mark today again. We’ve had quite a string of over 90 degree days. It wears us out despite air conditioning. Next week’s not supposed to be any better. Yes, I believe in global warming.

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    • The heat wave is moving east. They are predicting 90 for today. We had some 90 degree weather about a month ago but since then it’s been seasonable to cool. I love it warm but a week of 90 is exhausting. I hate air conditioning. You need it when it’s that hot but the going in and out of the heat makes it worse. Some places over cool their stores and I find myself longing for my hoodie.


  9. We have a pair of catbirds nesting in our neighborhood. They remind me of mockingbirds, which I haven’t seen for a couple of years. Fund to watch.


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  10. The pink waterlily is very pretty. Glad Hazel is fine after her surgery… I would have been worrying too, heck I am worried now for what happened to her. Cute picture of Morgan! Our week was HOT HOT HOT! Is it fall yet?

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