Sassy cats – Cat grass, the next best thing to catnip

Morgan mauling a fresh pot of cat grass

Morgan mauling a fresh pot of cat grass

My cats are indoor only. They don’t roll in the green grass or rub against bushes. They coat furniture with fur and climb the bookshelves but it’s not like the great outdoors.

Don’t feel bad for them. They have a great life.

To bring that outdoor feeling in I keep cat grass around.

In the summer I plant a big patch in a planter. It’s in the sun in the screened porch and they have full access. Watered regularly, it will last all summer.

The winter is harder. I buy little pots of it. They mow it down within hours.

This is how it looks after an hour.

This is how it looks after an hour.

Morgan likes to “roll” in it.

Hazel likes to pull it out and fluff it around.

Mollie eats it, then barfs it up.

I bankroll the whole thing!


46 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Cat grass, the next best thing to catnip

  1. I’ve never heard of cat grass before. I had indoor-outdoor cats, so I guess they didn’t need it. I’m learning a lot about the care of cats from your blog.


  2. Aww ~ what we cat moms won’t do for our cat kids! My cats love their catnip but I’ve never tried the grass. It sounds like something they’d like but I’m a little worried about any more barfing around here.


  3. You are an awesome cat mom. Andy is too cheap to buy it, so first he grew grass in our greenhouse. Then he planted some wheat in our backyard garden and discovered that it’s the same thing. Or at least the cats thought so and chewed down his stalks. 🙂


  4. I used to go outside and clip a bunch of grass blades, then bring the grass inside and serve it to the cats on a lovely dinner plate. For my efforts? Barf. But supposedly it did the kitties some good.


  5. Nothing brings joy into a home like a new pot of grass – for cats! for cats! HA HA.
    It’s the same here with cat grass necessary for RC’s delicate tummy and dietary issues. She, however, is very picky about her grazing – not just any greens will do. I grew some in multiple pots for a while until the pet store changed brands of seed packets – and she noticed. A vet told us to try growing bird seed – which grew well, but she was annoyed at variety in one pot. The pet store started selling containers of grass which worked until multiple nurseries started supplying it…yes, she’s like the kid who will only drink milk from one dairy – and no clover milk! None. Wheat grass at the grocery store – yeck, no go. So far we’ve got a source – paws crossed it continues. (and I do not understand colinandray’s comment at all HA HA)


    • Good to hear RC likes it. Many of my friends’ cats either don’t get it or don’t like it. Never had a problem like that. Each new cat instinctively devoured it. Morgan is the worst. The rolling of a 12 pounder on top of the delicate little stems seems cruel. I’m lucky that a local garden store plants and stocks it, so it’s consistent. Or maybe my cats’ taste buds aren’t as well refined as RC’s. As for Colin (of colinandray), he knows the concept of “staff” all too well.

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