Sassy cats – Potty habits

Morgan, Poop Queen!

Morgan, Poop Queen!

Every cat is different. Just like people. Some cats are more “private” than others (just like people).

I never see Hazel in the litter box. Rarely Mollie. Jake would yell at me when I walked in on him. He was not only private, he didn’t like to share his litter box with any other cat either. Too many lumps and he would go “outside the box.”

Morgan is not one of those cats. She’s an exhibitionist. She likes to be watched. She likes praise when her urine bubbles and her poops are fat and even. Plop, plop!

As soon as she hears me walk to the litter room she comes running. I scoop it clean and she hops in and says, “Watch me! Watch me! See what I can do!”

Before I leave the room there is another lump to clean out.

I start to clean the basement litter boxes and she’s between my feet. “Hurry up! Gotta go!” (Yes, she just went!)

As soon as those are clean she hops in to deposit another lump. She is so proud of herself.

Maybe I started it all when I praised her good habits when she was young. She likes recognition. She’s a “poop” star!


55 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Potty habits

  1. Some kids are the same when potty training! Further proof that animals are an awful lot like we are! And I never thought about how much time you must spend scooping with a brood the size of yours. 🙂

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      • Z was too. Someday I have to tell you about Z and her littler pan when we first adopted her. I don’t think it would bore you but it might be a bit long. Very much like Morgan. It got to be where she knew she was “Such a good girl” that when it stormed or we were going to leave to go out, she would head to her pan and squeeze out a little pee… like being “such a good girl” would make the thunder stop or keep us from leaving the house. She would use it to convince us to go outside with her to play too… memories. I need a dang cat. An older one. There is one at the shelter right now. Aggie, a 7 year old. But we don’t have a cat friendly house. We have a kitty visiting us right now. She is very sweet but just interested in our food, then she wants back out. I think she belongs to the New Neighbor. I am afraid she is going to get pregnant. Chatty this morning, I am… 😀

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  2. Oh my, you’re making my cats seem very boring and mundane! They are so delicate and graceful around the box and don’t crave attention. But I always know after Felix goes . . . .


  3. Teddy watches me clean the litter box then uses it. Every time. I have never seen Jack use the box…I know he does but he is a private potty kinda boy. Morgan is a show off. Good for her and her high self-esteem.

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  4. Ha! Morgan was potty-trained well. Mine could care less whether I am around or not. The only time Bat Cat was ever circumspect about peeing was when she was peeing on my scrunchies. (When she was mad at me, she would open drawers, take out my hair accessories, and toss them in the litter box.)

    I guess I should just be glad she wouldn’t pee on them IN the drawer.


  5. One of my sister’s cats is exactly like Morgan. Stand there watching you clean out the litter box then hops right in before you can get out there. And she stares you down while doing her business. Poop stars unite!


  6. I can only remember one family cat, and a litter box wasn’t in use at all. Friends had 6 cats, and one litter box (for all six, not one each) placed in a cupboard with a flap door under the worktop. Her kitchen stank I’m afraid.
    Our makeshift ‘garden’ for Maggie didn’t work as she will not be conned. Grass for her butt, and nothing else will do. However, she likes to be ‘private’ and not interrupted!


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