Photo ops – cats need not apply

Tail shot

Tail shot

They tell actors not to work with animals or children if they want to be noticed as both will steal a scene.

They should tell photographers that getting shots of critters is equally tough. I’ve been trying to get some interesting pictures of my cats to update my blog. What I have are anatomy shots.


Porn and blurry!

Butts – Cats, like dogs, think that people enjoy looking (or even, heaven forbid, smelling) their butts. I have a thousand pictures of butts. It they were people pictures, some would definitely be porn. My youngest is not in the least bit modest! It’s embarrassing.

Paws – Turning a camera on means that it’s fair game for paw prints on a lens. Or maybe just pawing it down. Or perhaps just driving the camera-woman crazy. Unlike butt pictures which are always clear, paw pictures are blurred. You could label them UFO sightings and you’d be good to go.

Ears – I know it sounds weird but I can have a perfect head shot but as soon as I press the button they put their head down so all you see are two (or sometimes just one) ears. Like paws, these can be very blurry but you can’t mistake them for UFO sightings.

Bellies – The click of my camera clearly is a signal for a cat, any cat, to roll over. I have delightful pictures of fuzzy bellies without heads or tails. Very macabre.

Tails –The worst are the tail pictures. As soon as I click, the cat jumps out of range and all that I have is the tip of the tail. The picture will make no sense to anyone including me.

Seriously, no class at all!

Seriously, no class at all!

Some bloggers get fabulous pictures of their pets. I am convinced they drug them. Maybe dogs are easier. Several bloggers post wonderful pictures of their dogs. No blurring and it looks like the dog is smiling and enjoying the attention.

Unless my cat is sleeping, I can’t seem to get anything worthwhile. Perhaps there is a charm school for cats?

Then again, maybe it’s the inept photographer!


39 thoughts on “Photo ops – cats need not apply

  1. I feel your pain, Kate. Dave went to take photos of our two cats for a contest at work. That’s when Jean-Louis chose to hide and resisted many efforts to get photos of him. Reggie was more cooperative. Or, maybe, we just caught her off guard. But, ironically, Dave’s best shot was of Jean-Louis “reading” “French for Cats.”

    P.S. Their photos didn’t win the contest. Some dog did. But, at least, the money raised went to help a local charity. (Dave over-tipped I think.) 😉


  2. I was at my daughter’s house this weekend, and her cats were soooo beautiful–their shiny, colorful fur, their unbelievably gorgeous green eyes, their cute little noses and ears … Last time I tried to take a picture of them, though, none of that came through. Besides, I was too far away. I’m also unsuccessful at taking pictures of active children. Trying to get a pic of my grandson at the splash park, all I got was wet.


  3. I have 4 sweet doggies. One of them is a model, one is ambivalent to photographs, and the other 2 are too quick to ever capture as more than a blur. Trying to get all 4 at once is nearly impossible. Takes lots of patience and treats!


  4. My cats get too darn interested in the camera and that usually ends the photo session. I can’t get a decent photo of my black cat ~ her features disappear. But I do love the photos you have here, Kate. They’re classic, especially the porn!!

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  5. Likewise. And black cats are really hard to photograph well without a top-notch camera. Impossible to distinguish facial features!

    Mine do the cutest poses. Pull out an iPhone or a camera, though, and they sit up and glare. I think you have to wear a high speed camera and have the reflexes of a cheetah to be a good feline photographer.

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  6. I think cats are just a little more uppity than dogs and are more concerned about their image as it relates to photos which is why you have to catch them while their sleeping or crawling under a shrub..:)

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