Random 5 for October 25 – old clothes, flu shots, resistance, hair, family

Source: clipartsheep

Source: clipartsheep

Quick! Sneak it out! – I cleaned out clothes and some bedding (quilts) too. The pick-up was this past Thursday. When I cleaned out the clothes there were a few things I had difficulty parting with (for no logical reason!) like a full length wool coat that was close to 25 years old. It was still gorgeous. Still fit. Last time I wore it was 12 years ago to a formal holiday dinner dance. So hard to give up. The night before the pick-up, I went running around like a lunatic collecting those “hard to discard” things and got them out to the curb. They were picked up before I could retrieve them. Phew! That was a close call. The next day I mourned that coat. Truth is that it’s heavy to wear. I have a light weight winter coat that is much more comfortable and warmer but not as elegant. Unless you invite me to a formal dinner dance, I made the right decision!

Flu brain – The beloved husband and I got our flu shots this week. I didn’t have any side effects but he complained of a brain fog the next day. He didn’t seem any different from any other day.

If I only had a brain – I hate closing up the pond and have been doing it in bits and pieces. It’s mostly done but I had to move the winter bubbler to a different spot. That meant I had to go into the 50+ degree water (in my waders). Brrrr. We had a couple of days where the air temperatures were hovering in the mid-70s so it was the perfect time except I kept forgetting where I put stuff. It was either my way of protesting the pond closing or I’m losing my mind! Perhaps I had flu brain fog too.

Hot pink banana clip!

Hot pink banana clip! Picture was a reflection in a mirror opposite a bright window so it’s kind of weird. Those aren’t any special effects.

Old time gizmos – My hair has grown out considerably since the picture on my blog was taken. As I was cleaning up outside, my hair, which is closer to shoulder length, kept falling in my face. I went inside and found my old box of hair gizmos (mostly from the 80s!). Those banana clips were effective. I loved them then and they did the trick this week!

Its girls’ time – Twice a year the women in my extended family get together for lunch. It’s a great time to catch-up. The age is from mid-50s to mid-80s. I love keeping the connection! Love my homies too!

So how was your week?


44 thoughts on “Random 5 for October 25 – old clothes, flu shots, resistance, hair, family

  1. Love your hair! Have tried so hard at times to grow mine but it’s thick (sorry) and has a mind of its own. I dislike having to dry and style it so I keep it short and it’s easy care. I still long for a pageboy! I have a coat in an upstairs closet that I can’t part with. I know that my Mom made it and I like to sometimes put it on, even though the sleeves are too short. Kind of like a hug from her.

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  2. I’ve got clothes way, way back in my closet that need to get tossed or donated (except for a few sentimental items, too, that I will never wear again). Sadly, my hair is not long enough for banana clips and really never had been. Have fun with the girls!


  3. I can relate to the mourning of objects. I went through recently and found a piece of cross-stitch I started several years ago and have not worked on in over a year. But I can’t bring myself to let it go. Silly, I know. I may have to do like you and just put it out and be done with it.


    • I once made a crocheted bedspread. It took me so long that I have changed houses, colors, etc. and it no longer worked. I gave it away reluctantly (after keeping it a few years). For a short time I did water colors. I was ok but not great. I still have two that I can’t let go. If someone else would go through, they would throw them out for sure. Silly, yes but so hard.

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  4. If I had put any clothes out at the curb, and then had second thoughts, my wife would probably greet me at the curb…with shotgun in hand. My wife and I got our flu-shots too. I think I should have been able to keep the super-hero band-aid, but my wife said it belonged to the Five year old. I don’t know why I should have been left crying instead of the kindergartner. Just wait till next year first graders.


    • I always had long hair until I went on estrogen blockers which made my hair dry and brittle. It’s been a long time since I got off of the drugs, probably aging set in too, but over the last year I’ve been able to let them grow longer. One day I will get tired of it and get them cut. I keep saying this will be the last time I grow them out but you know how that goes. Still…wish I had the full thick hair of my youth (but I’m not complaining…). Ah, youth! Wasted on the young!


  5. Here I am…would never miss the Random 5. I too am shedding belongings I’m not sure I wish to shed. But what I thought of when you said, in regards to your coat…it was too heavy to wear. I got this snapshot of Carmela, the basset hound, in her shearling she hated because it was so heavy. She’d look at me as if to say, who do they think I am, Elizabeth Taylor. Gave me a big, much needed chuckle.

    The flu shot line too. How he’s no different. La La

    Your pond. You’re the only person I know who has one. It’s amazing it’s time to pack it up when you think summer was just here. It’s warm today but you know nature is packing.

    Homies…love that.


  6. It’s hard donating some clothes. If I’m honest with myself and the odds are zilch that I’ll ever actually wear the item again ~ out it goes. I have a blue cardigan sweater that was my mother’s and I’ll never part with that. My own stuff is easier to give up. Have a great time at your girls’ lunch. Sounds like a great time!


  7. We had a dinner argument about “brain shocks” last night. I claimed (on very rocky ground since I’m not a medical professional) that my wife was only imagining they were occurring, and that what was actually happening was that she was simply tired. She got out all kinds of Internet pages to prove that it can happen. I personally think she was having the same “fog” that the Beloved Husband was experiencing. To paraphrase the conservatives these days, “I am not a scientist…”


  8. I’m with you on the “hard to part with” part of that equation, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. I still have old work clothes (fancy suits) that have no business being in my closet. Maybe your post will nudge me towards finally letting them go. I can think of about a dozen things that could be donated. Need to put together a pile, and just make the call.

    I loved banana clips. My hair is too thin now anyway. I use little spring “pinching” clips that are made for infants and toddlers. My sister got them for me, and I love them because they all have tons of glitter on them (in all sorts of colors). I’ve worn them almost every day since she gave them to me for my birthday about three years ago. Might be the best gift she ever gave me, but when I tell her that she gets mad, because they were only a couple of bucks from the dollar store and they were used as the decoration on top of the gift. Hey, I can’t help it my favorite gift happened to be the one that she considers a non-gift. I still love them!


    • It’s usually the very weird things that we treasure. A Christmas gift from the kids came with a satin ribbon on it. My cat Morgan adores that ribbon. She sails around the house with it in her mouth. I couldn’t buy her a toy she likes more.


      • Obviously the satin ribbon is a necessity. Cannot be replaced. Priceless, even. Anything that our “children” (ie: pets) adore deserves a permanent spot. I still have the dislocated arm from a stuffed monkey that happens to be one of Bruiser’s favorite toys, although, honestly … it does look a bit macabre when he has a dismembered monkey arm dangling from his mouth. But since he’s usually smiling when that happens, I just keep resisting the urge to toss out the fuzzy stuffed monkey arm.


  9. My hair is too fine for banana clips, but I have been wearing headbands lately to keep my hair out of my face. The only person I’ve seen wearing a headband recently is the mother on The Good Wife, and she is quite a bit older than me. Oh well, they do the job.

    I think I’ll try your method of quickly getting rid of things before regret makes me retrieve them. I have a few things in my closet that are in good shape but I haven’t worn for years. If I put too much thought into, I can always talk myself into keeping things “just in case.”


  10. So if I get a flu shot, I’ll have an excuse for being spacey? Sign me up.

    My mother had a lovely grey wool cape. I’ll never wear it in SoCal, and yet I can’t quite bring myself to part with it. Some day I might, though, and then I’ll wonder why the heck it took me so long. (Unless Andy throws it out first, of course.)


    • I have one dress of my mothers, blue velvet from the 40s. She and I were completely different sizes so I can’t ever wear it but I can’t give it up either. It’s only good for a Halloween costume and I can’t bear the thought of that. And yes, get that flu shot. You can blame anything on it.

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  11. Sometimes we don’t want to part with clothes because of the way we feel/felt while wearing them. And the desire to feel that way again.

    I have a dress/jacket combo perfect for winter soirees ~> muted burgundies and 50 shades of grays. It has been placed in and taken out of the donate pile numerous times. IF I had occasion to wear it, it’s comfortable and elegant and timeless. But I haven’t worn in 15 years (or more). I should let it go. But I don’t.

    Who’s your idol now? 😛

    Your banana clips pic is GREAT ~ you look about 25!


    • 25? I wish! It must be the weird lighting. There is a weird outline on my head. I have a pale pink lace dress that is 25 years old. It’s a high neck so it may no longer be comfortable (I can’t wear high necks post menopause) but I haven’t tried it on or considered donating. Next round I’ll at least consider it. You are right about the desire to feel that way again. It was a burgundy coat. I had a muted floral wool scarf to go with it (still have) and burgundy high heeled boots (long gone). The technique of putting it out without remorse time to pull it back in the house worked and I’ll do it again. If you haven’t worn something in 20 years (or once in 20 years) this shouldn’t be so hard. You’ll notice I still have a box of banana clips. At least I can now say I wore them in the past year.


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