Best present ever! | For animal lovers

The ears on the top cubby is Morgan. The cat on the shelf is Hazel (resting after PT).

The ears on the top cubby belong to Morgan. The cat on the shelf is Hazel (resting after PT). There is a top shelf that isn’t shown on this photo.

My Christmas present came early this year. It came in a big box with parts that had to be put together. The instructions were in Swahili but we made do.

I knew it was coming and I couldn’t wait. Or more importantly, the cats couldn’t wait.

It is a very large cat tower. This purchase was planned for last spring but the cats spend most of the warm weather in the screened porch so it didn’t happen.

Some people prefer diamonds and rubies. Or perhaps a trip to the Bahamas. Or a new car in the driveway with a big red bow.

Those would be good too but they don’t happen at my house. You would more likely see catnip mice, ribbon and bows laying all over.

This cat tree has been entertainment for the whole family. Even the beloved husband has been amused. (He tries to hide it but I can see the mouth crinkles.)

It’s tall. When Morgan sits on the top shelf (header photo), she looks down at me. With an attitude! (Where did that come from?) Queen of the world!

Hazel has her physical therapy on it. Reluctantly of course but I can get her to climb it for a few pieces of kibble.

She will do most anything for a piece of kibble. Kibble is gold.

Even Mollie fell asleep in the upstairs cubby. That is, until there was an altercation. Morgan had booked it for the afternoon and was not happy about the double booking.

Jake’s not having any of it. He’s not much a climber these days. Arthritis you know. He will jump on a comfy chair, particularly if you want to sit there but he’s not climbing any freakin’ cat tree. Especially if it doesn’t smell of human butt!

There are doodles that hang from it. They are feathers on bouncy strings. The feathers lasted a day. What can I say? I have ninja attack cats.

Anything that happens on Christmas Day will be secondary to the wonder of the big cat tree.

It’s a hard act to follow. We are simple people.

Ahhh! People butt! I love that smell!

Ahhh! People butt! I love that smell!



45 thoughts on “Best present ever! | For animal lovers

  1. How absolutely FABULOUS! This is EXACTLY what we wanted for our cats this Christmas but have had no luck yet finding one (or rather, one that delivers to our part of the world 😦 ). However I have been “advised” that as SOON as we arrive home from Christmas break this is our mission, to secure the cats a climber because… “they deserve it, we don’t do enough to show them our love”, lol! It sure is tough being a cat at our houses isn’t it? 🙂 Merry Christmas xx


  2. Your cat tree is entertaining all the way through the blog-us-fear! I’m grinning right along with “beloved husband.” And I truly admire your “simple-people” ways of finding joy during the Christmas season! 🙂


  3. Ooh, ooh! Our two cats are both envious of your kitties’ new toy and are now demanding one. What a delightful gift. I also understand Jake’s attraction to comfy chairs. Every day, I have to remind Reggie that the computer chair was not purchased for her. Sometimes, she reluctantly allows me to have a square inch of it so I can type. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Kate. 😉


  4. A most heartwarming post for a chilly morning. I think I’m part of the Hazel fan club. Do you have t-shirts? Merry Christmas to you and the furries and the one with mouth crinkles.


  5. Big smiles. (Jake will have less competition for prime warm cushy seating now?) I always look at these longingly at the stores – RC smirks “Why? It’s so much better to leap on top of the closet shelves – on top of stacked clean towels ( toast warm from the dryer) or a nice soft pile of clothing….see? The items are pre-furred with samples of my lovely coat.” She probably still would like one….but not sure how to convince Molly it’s not a giant dog toy to drag down the hall. (a cat on top would be a real bonus!)


  6. Lovely!! I bought one for my sister’s two cats. As for my own three boys, my whole house is a cat condo for them. They climb and perch everywhere. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


  7. Kate, this is the funniest Christmas tree story I have ever read. Congratulations on putting it together. What you do for love! Although, it’s perfect in every way and fits the bill, maybe you could hang a bell from it for them to bat around. Lucky cats to have such fun paw-rents.


  8. Kate, I’ve been smiling all morning and reading this post has really widened my smile plus added lots of giggles! How nice for your cats…aren’t they the posh-est? We have such a tiny house there’s hardly room for Michael, Gibby and me but I think I see a small tower looming in a nook for Gib’s Christmas…what fun. So what if cats rule…who cares? They give so much happiness! Hugs to all the cats, you and the guy who even crinkles a bit watching the fun.


  9. I think yours might be the third post I’ve seen with cat towers being successfully employed. I used to have my doubts about them. Might need to reconsider.

    Is that Jake on the lap? My 19 year-old Joey was never far from my lap the last few years. He was a heat-seeking missile, that boy.

    Merry Christmas, Kate, to you and your household.


  10. Lovely!!! Our cats love their cat tree that reaches almost to the ceiling. One of our best investments. Merry Christmas kitties! From Thomas, Stripe, Lily, Minh, Annie, Gabby, and Hiro.


  11. I don’t own any pets. (no complaints) But reading about your cats and others’ dogs/birds etc, I feel like I do. All the fun without the bother. 🙂 Looks like it didn’t take long for your cats to find their special spot on the cat tower.


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