R5 for December 21 – cell phones, new words, seasonal madness, death

The old time cell phone!

The old time cell phone!

Trade-in? I think not! – I found something that has less value than a recently purchased car – a recently purchased cell phone. I had to buy a new one for my carrier change. My old phone, which is a one year old android, was nifty. I really liked it. None of the trade-in places would give it a second look. One place offered me $2. Really? Has hardly any miles on it!

Speaking of cell phones – I got my new one. I wish they were all alike. I was unable to transfer my contacts although it said it did (lying to me is not a good way to start a relationship). I will need to work through the instructions and watch videos to get it set up the way I want. Tried to delete a number the way my old phone did and instead I dialed it. Then I couldn’t figure out the “end” icon. Why don’t they standardize?

New words – When I come across a page of product reviews, I always check the top to see if it says “advertisement.” I found a new term. In a magazine I get regularly, the word “advertorial” was used instead. Again…really?

Meltdown in aisle 1 – The Starbucks I frequent is always busy. This time of year, with seasonal specials, it can be crazy busy. I was in earlier this week. The drive-through was so long I went inside to wait in an equally long line. As I neared the counter, the barista at the cash register, screamed for someone to come out of the back room. “I can’t take this! I haven’t had a day off (with huge tears running down her face).” This is the first time I have seen this at my Starbucks but I’m not surprised. Anyone in retail who survives the holiday season without a meltdown or getting sick deserves something special. By the way, I haven’t seen her since. Perhaps she won the lottery.

“What two’s it three’s it” – That’s a saying my mother always used when someone died. I have had two deaths in ten days. Now I am terrified that there will be yet another one before the year is up. It will be unexpected as no one I know is terminally ill so ya’all be careful out there.**

**After I prepped this for posting, I heard that my neighbor from my last house died on Friday. That makes three. Mom was rarely wrong.



36 thoughts on “R5 for December 21 – cell phones, new words, seasonal madness, death

  1. I always wanted to work at Starbucks until I had a conversation with someone who actually did…yikes … I don’t know how they do it! Stress is an understatement….no thanks!
    As for the phones, just be glad you don’t have any teenagers in your house. We all got new phones a few years ago and the kids had theirs up & ready and I was still asking “how do you turn it on?” Hahaha!


  2. I use to work in retail and I remember the cranky stressed out shoppers and the long hours. I felt a certain anxiety for that poor girl. Phones that lose their value almost in the instant you buy them. Not surprising, in this money hungry world. Hope your Christmas is stress free Kate and a relaxing wonderful time with family and friends.


  3. Yep, funerals always come in 3s. So sorry you’ve had so many – and to the families who have suffered losses right at Christmas-time. Tough stuff.

    I’ve never worked retail, but I did wait lots of tables. So I always try to be extra gracious at this time of year – with both the ones ringing up my purchases and serving our food & drinks.

    We’re in the countdown now!


  4. I always marvel at how the baristas can seem not to notice the impatient faces waiting in line. I’d be too nervous to concentrate.

    I need to get a new cell phone before long. I’m not looking forward to the learning period.


    • I am always amazed at the number of coffees and teas they have to master. Some of them don’t even drink coffee! It’s like a bartender only with grouchy people who haven’t had their coffee yet.


  5. I would lose my mind after one days work at Starbucks during the holiday season. I feel sorry for her. I hope she was given some time off and not fired. Painful loss yesterday…our house is in mourning. Maybe next year.


  6. I love your photo of Josephine (Lily Tomlin). She was always a stitch. The cell phones are outdated before you leave the store right after purchasing them. I rarely use mine except to take photos. 😉

    Retail work is not for the weak. Especially around the holidays. Even more so right after Christmas when people come in to exchange their gifts or use their gift cards. Hope that employee found a job that’s less stressful.


  7. I met someone who is willing to trade in her spouse should he not take care of his health. Yup, I feel for those servers. Thank goodness my fav will be off on mat leave soon before the busy season. Gave her a box of diapers (100). Wonder how long this nappies will last. Death comes more than threes should you really want to keep on counting.


  8. I love the comments you get…people are very riveted at what you post. Coffee meltdown at Starbucks…have seen them many times. I gather they are more common here than in Pennsyltucky, what a friend of mine, who also lives where you do, calls it.

    I’m sorry about all the deaths you’ve been witness to…but just today I said to my friend Amy who’s boyfriend’s uncle just died last night…I truly believe we are witnesses to someone’s passing to remind us to live,

    Thanks for that vintage Lily photo front and center. Ernestine still rocks 🙂


  9. I have always been amused at the “death comes in threes” anecdote (my apologies to your mother). After a couple of deaths, people wait for the “third” (even though many, many in the world have died while they are waiting), and then they start counting again. Let’s hope your count will stop at three. Although it’s always hard to lose loved ones, it’s especially sad around the holidays.

    I’m with you about the barista, she’s probably enjoying her lottery winnings on some warm beach somewhere.

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  10. It is strange about the “threes” with those who die. You hear exaggerated forms of it when famous people die, but to me those are manufactured. It’s much more personal and real when it happens to people you actually know. I’m sorry for those three, and let’s hope it ends there.


  11. I’m glad my old cell phone is still chugging along. Last time I switched phones, I had the Verizon sales rep transfer my contacts for me.

    Three = the magic number for certain things, especially death/ celebrity deaths.

    I wonder if the barista got fired for her outburst?


    • She made a huge fuss and there were about 30 people in the store. She either walked out or got fired. I prefer to believe that she won the lottery. She wasn’t there all that long and maybe the terminology along with cranky people who haven’t had their coffee yet got to her.


    • I would say me too but I cut my monthly bill in half by going with a different carrier. $$ trumps habit these days. The only thing I hate about retirement is that they don’t send that wonderful paycheck every two weeks! So wrong!


  12. In a small rural community such as ours we, too, know that the funerals come in threes. It’s an awful thing to wonder about.
    I got my new phone about 4 months ago and the learning period is ongoing. I guess it does many things of which I’m blissfully ignorant. If I turn up the volume I can actually take a phone call. Otherwise I see how many calls I’ve missed and then search for the icon for voice mail. I had that icon visible on my phone and now it’s disappeared. The other day I called a contractor. Couldn’t reach him and thought I shoved the phone in my pocket. Somehow the very sensitive screen did its magic and dialed my husband. Maybe I should return to a reliable flip phone like hubby has. It doesn’t “butt dial.”
    Have a Merry and Furry Christmas with no hair balls..


    • Butt dial! I love that. Can’t find an icon for voice mail on my new smart phone. Went to the video tutorials and it says I have to call in to get them. That is a step back. On my last phone (same $$) there was an icon that showed the number of missed calls. I am going to call the carrier because I can’t believe it! It’s all fancy without some basic features. Tried to take photos at a concert. That didn’t work. Got big white blobs. I did get the basic smart phone so I guess you get what you pay for. I don’t really need a lot so there’s no point in buying a phone that takes great concert photos! OMG! We haven’t had a hairball in a week. Highly unusual. You probably broke the spell!


      • Instead of dealing with your carrier, find a friendly teenager to instruct you on the features you can’t find yourself. I find that to be much easier. Actually I don’t use a teenager that often, the minister just down the street used to be a computer IT guy. He can figure out anything, but so can many teens.


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