Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell

It’s Thanksgiving here in the states. Here are a few thing for which I am very thankful.

Health – I am healthy and so is the beloved husband, all of the family and most of my friends. We take this for granted until the day we are not healthy so I have said it out loud. Yay for health.

Jake (the grumpy old cat) is also healthy. In the past 15 months I have made two separate appointments for that “last trip.” The little guy must have known and perked right up. He refuses to die. He continues to demand attention and think pee outside the box. His goal is to outlive me. On a positive note, he doesn’t barf. Those duties are done by the other cats.

Friends and family – I am blessed with a great family. Some of them are crazier than others, but they are all good people. Most of my friends are long-term. That means I’ve known them for at least ten years and most, many more. There are many bloggers I think of as good friends even though I’ve never met them. (Really, I’m not a stalker!)

Pets – Yes, I am grateful to have pets. They add something to my life that people don’t. Things like hairballs, barf on carpets, presents in litter boxes and unconditional love. (In my past life I had people friends with those habits but that is another post.)

One of my favorite things is when all of us — the four cats, the beloved husband and me — are in the family room doing our own thing together. (That means Morgan and I am watching TV and reading, the beloved husband and the other three cats are sleeping loudly. Very, very loudly. The four of them. Do you know how loud that is? It’s hard to hear Grey’s Anatomy.)

Country – I am incredibly thankful to live in a country that values women. (I’m not that good at taking orders so I’d be dead.) When I read or hear the news it seems as if some places don’t value any life. That’s a shame. It’s such a great gift.

Kindness – I am surrounded by kind people — neighbors, exercise ladies, friends, bloggers and family. Just when everything seems dark, someone reaches down and pulls you out of the black hole. (And if you’re lucky, they’ll give you a margarita, a glass of wine or a mocha latte!)

I am grateful for the small things too:

          Eating peaches from my trees. Usually the critters eat them all.

          A healthy pond that gives me peace

          The best bumper crop of tomatoes ever

          A crazy young cat (Morgan) that keeps everyone in the house young (and tired)

          And I will be grateful for my brother not bringing mincemeat pie to dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a marvelous day.

Source: John Wagner for Hallmark

Source: John Wagner for Hallmark

34 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. I had a great laugh at Jake thinking – no, peeing out of the box. And your list of thankfuls shows a full and happy life. I am thankful I found you… and hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving


  2. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving but it’s great to be thankful for things in our lives, I think we should do it more often. Sometimes I spend the whole day listening to patients complain (ironically it is why they are there to see me), I start to think that the world is just full of ungrateful miserable people!!!


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Special greetings to your brother and whatever dessert he brings. Remembering with thanks days and meals shared with you.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the day has started as sunny and lovely there as it is here – a great way to start Thanksgiving pet sit duties.


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