Can you be thankful for fickle weather? | Tess Tales



I can.

Yesterday was gorgeous. It bumped close to 70 degrees with the sun shining. Even the wind was warm.

All the ice on the pond melted and everyone (yard critters, pets, pond critters, people) was frolicking. It was a cross between holiday mania and spring fever.

It’s not going to last. Wednesday’s forecast, if you can call it that, is crazy. We may get snow. It may be 1 to 8 inches or we may get rain. Or it may miss us completely. How do you plan for that?

I am definitely off kilter (for a lot of reasons actually). The weather has been vacillating between winter and spring. (Not really complaining except for the cold part.)

It reminds me of the year my mother was ill before Christmas. When she came home from the hospital the weather was very mild for early December. I stayed with her a few days for transition. Her house wasn’t convenient.

The only bathroom was on the second floor. The heat was a coal stoker that needed daily stoking.

My mother was used to it but I wanted her to rest.

My cousin sent a huge fruit basket. It was luscious with apples, pears, grapes, oranges and grapefruits. In fact it was so huge, I put it outside to keep it cool.

As I was bringing in groceries I noticed there were tiny holes in the fruit. I had no idea what was happening.

I asked my mother if she saw anything. She pulled me into another room and behind a sheer curtain we watched a family of birds attack the fruit.

For the birds it was a real celebration to get fruit in December especially citrus which doesn’t grow here any time of the year.

We shared. We had no choice. Two pieces were badly mangled. No one would eat those. The rest came back indoors.

Mom in her 70s.

Mom in her 70s.

It was a great holiday for my mother. With the mild weather people came around to help with decorations and cookies. I am convinced she shared more fruit with her bird friends.

Eventually the weather changed to typical winter stuff but Mother Nature had given her a warm and festive return home. For that I was very thankful.



30 thoughts on “Can you be thankful for fickle weather? | Tess Tales

  1. i love how it went from weather to your mother…such a sweet unexpected detour. The picture in profile tells of a pensive woman…things on her mind…able to gaze out the window happy to see birds feasting happily.
    Thanksgiving brings up tenderness.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I love how endearing mother stories live on. Mine?
    Mom fed the birds. Brother lived next door with driveway between.
    Brother’s wife fed the squirrels. Mom didn’t like the squirrels. They chased away her birds.
    One day Mom had had enough. Tried to shoot squirrel.
    Shot out brother’s basement window instead. I love my crazy mother.
    (I hope I grow up to be just like her…)


  3. So that’s where our beautiful Sunday weather went! And then yesterday it turned cold, gray and dreary again.
    I love the story of your mom sharing the fruit with the birds, so nonplussed and quietly delighted. What a fun moment to remember about being with her. Such a wonderful lesson in this. Isn’t it more fun and lasting to share? This post made me smile.


    • I will have to post another time my mother came home from the hospital. We were arguing within the hour. I felt so badly. She had just spent a week (this was back when they kept you in the hospital) for heart issues. My mother was a wonderful, lovely but opinionated person. (and I wonder where my bossiness comes from…..)
      If you want, I can send some snow down your way….


  4. What a nice story about your mother, Kate. Thanks for sharing. We’re experiencing the same roller coaster ride with our temperatures. We hit 75 yesterday, but expect temps in the 40’s with rain tomorrow. I hope the snow misses you!


  5. The weather here has been the same. Up down, up and down. Everyone is sick and it is no wonder. Cute story about your mom. I think, as we get older, things of importance come to the surface. Like being kind to animals. My mom would have done the same thing. Let other things go…….


  6. Reminds me of December, 2011, when we moved from the Toronto area to Ottawa. December 15, was a mild day with light winds and no snow on the ground. An auspicious beginning.

    You resemble your mother and she sure looked great in her 70s!


    • Maybe it’s the angle but I think I look more like my Dad. Of course the last time I saw my Aunt Hilda (my mother’s 101 year old sister) she said I look just like my mother. My Mom had different coloring and shape (head and body) but there must be something there.
      You were welcomed to your new home in style! Canada knows how to do it right!


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