A mysterious admirer or……

Photograph by Maria Dumitru

Aurora Borealis photograph by Maria Dumitru

Writers are a needy bunch. We say we write for ourselves and we do. We don’t care if anyone else reads it.


When someone enjoys something we wrote we are over the moon. Seriously over the moon. Like ‘call NASA’ over the moon.

We are like the northern lights, like the aurora borealis, flashing our happiness.

I have been blogging over three years. I’m not neurotic about statistics. They are helpful for popular topics but I do my own thing.

Recently I saw my statistics for views spike by well over 600 views in a short period of time. Short, like hours.

No new post in two days so what’s up?

I hadn’t seen this activity since I was Freshly Pressed.

Checked that but no, I wasn’t Freshly Pressed. It was single views of old posts.

Closer examination showed that someone had read all my posts – old and new. Way old. I have written well over 500 essays for my blog. That’s a lot of reading, some good, some ok and some meh.

I have no idea what this means but I’ve been letting my imagination run away with me. Here are some possible scenarios.

❤ Steven Spielberg found my blog and has decided to do a movie on my cats or the exercise ladies of the circuit or stupid people. I hope it’s animated so I don’t have to work on casting.

❤ A publisher likes my style and will offer me a book deal. No, they don’t look for new writers, they run from them. But just in case, I am thinking up titles. How about “Fifty Shades of Fur,” “Gone Cat,” or maybe “Not That Kind of Stupid.”

❤ My ninth grade boyfriend found my blog and is sorry it didn’t work out. (I can’t figure out a way this will make money for me unless he turned out filthy rich and will bankroll my every wish).

I’m out of even outrageous ideas.

There must be a good explanation that ends up with me getting money.

42 thoughts on “A mysterious admirer or……

  1. Too bad the ninth-grade-boyfriend scenario doesn’t involve money. That would be interesting.

    I had a big spike once. It was my ghost story post. I guess there are lots of people out there who like ghost stories. Since I didn’t have many to share, the big crowds didn’t come back.


    • I often wonder what happened to my 9th grade boyfriend. I should check facebook. He has a very common name so I don’t know if I would find him. (Old boyfriends have a way of aging beyond recognition!)


  2. Weird…because about the same time that was happening to you something similar was happening to me…I didn’t get 600 views, I just got 79 in one day, but based on the stats it was obviously one person looking at a lot of my old posts. My stat have been up ever since. I am wondering if it is some sort of search engine that just found me, but who knows? Like you said, I will take what I can get!!!


  3. What a grand and wonderful thing it is to have an anonymous admirer! I think it’s a book publishing talent scout who has discovered your wonderful posts. I get so excited when someone compliments just once that I read what I wrote all over again trying to figure out why. 600 viewers? I would probably faint.


  4. Someone needed a large dose of humor and you provided the perfect fix for them. 😀 I know you do for me. But I still like the ‘getting offered a book deal’ scenario best. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate, and I hope your hits continue to soar.


  5. The truth of the mater is you read my “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” blog today and then got carried away or floated away with your daydreaming. So if you make money, I want my cut. 🙂


  6. haha…I wish I were as witty as you. Funny you should bring this up because just around this time of year my stats spike on my “gravy” post which btw is on the first page of google for lump free gravy and has been for several years. Gravy? Really? I’m certainly not complaining, I will take what I can get. As a public service I always repost it during Thanksgiving week… tongue in cheek. Perhaps I just like to see my stats soar.


  7. Aliens are monitoring you for the right time to abduct you. When you are returned to Earth, you will write a book on your “experience with aliens” and make thousands of bucks!

    That happened to me once (dramatic rise in views, not abduction by aliens). It was early in my blogging career and I was totally clueless about it. Same as you, I had not posted recently, etc. Now I’m thinking that Paprika has the right of it…someone must have reblogged something of mine.

    And yes, I love your blog. It’s like coming home, every time I navigate over here.


  8. I had this happen to me a few years ago. An old post about laundry started to get a ton of hits in a single day. It turned out that a blogger who has a large following of people who prefer to be nudists in their own homes had reblogged my post. It was great that so many people enjoyed the blog and left comments or likes, but when I clicked over to their blogs, I got quite an eyeful.

    I hope you find out the reason for you unexpected rise in readership.


    • Now that’s an interesting story. There was no upswing in “likes” or comments. I got the some new followers but none of them looked like the kind who would be fascinated by cats, exercise ladies and stupid people. Doesn’t matter. I’m still grateful someone enjoyed the blog.

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  9. Clearly you are under investigation by the NSA, CIA, or FBI. They are slowly building a burgeoning dossier against you, and will no doubt quote you in their official documents when they finally get around to charging you with crimes against fur balls and backyard ponds. It’s a conspiracy. It’s always a conspiracy. At least, that’s my theory. 🙂


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