R5 for November 23, garage bays, TV finales, show tickets, cats, candles

Courtesy of Sol Sanctuary

Courtesy of Sol Sanctuary

Yum! – I lit up my gingerbread candle. The house smelled so good I had to buy a gingerbread muffin to satisfy my craving. Am I the only one who gains weight from candles? Holiday smells in the house are the best way to kick-start the season. Maybe I’ll bake. Maybe not. Too bad they don’t make chocolate-mocha candles. I should talk to Starbucks about that.

Switching it up – After living here for almost 12 years, the beloved husband and I switched bays in the garage. It took me a week to stop opening his garage door and climbing into his car but I’m getting there. Each bay as its advantages and I’m not sure which one I prefer. As the princess I always get first dibs. (Update: Yesterday I opened his door, climbed into my car and tried to back out with my door closed. I have a back-up camera and I thought it was broken. All it showed was this big white screen. Duh! I was going super slow so no damage was done.)

Fall finales? Really? – This year is the first time I noticed fall finales for TV shows. I hate finales. They are often cliff hangers or a somewhat bizarre episode. Seriously, do we need to do this twice a year?

Tickets anyone? – In our experience it’s not easy to buy on-line concert tickets. We have personally crashed a local venue site several times over the years. The beloved husband is not internet savvy when something goes kaphluey (that’s a technical term). Those security captchas sometimes get him. If the artist is popular there is the anxiety to get to the site at the time the tickets go on sale. Some artists sell out in minutes. We had another round of anxiety this week as we purchased tickets for Chris Isaak. We have seen him before so buying tickets again is a tribute to his talent. After 20 minutes of angst, we have great seats!

Who trains who? – It never fails. As soon as I am comfortably seated anywhere, Jake (our grumpy old cat) needs something. Sometimes the only thing he needs is for me to get up. My training for this cat failed miserably. Conversely, his training skills are excelled by no one. He is the only one who trumps the princess.

Listen Cupcake, fetch me a beer, willya?

Listen Cupcake, fetch me a beer, willya?

Happy birthday to the beloved husband.

48 thoughts on “R5 for November 23, garage bays, TV finales, show tickets, cats, candles

  1. Kate your cat pic and quote made me laugh. My children are good at asking me for stuff once I am comfortable and the cats have no guilt waking me while I am sleeping if they need anything too. I must have the word SLAVE scribbled across my forehead. I have a soy candle burning with Fig and cassis. Not sure what Cassis is but the blend is scrummy. I do not feel like racing out to but figs though. Enjoy the concert and the weekend ahead.


  2. I’ve always been fond of candles, and have explored all sorts of scents, from toasted marshmallow to evening jasmine. Last year, someone gifted me a set of scented oils, and the spiced pomegranate, when mixed with a bit of vanilla bean, is enough to make me swoon. It’s a bit of holiday, a bit of nostalgia, and a bit of celebration, all mixed up together.


  3. I know there are vanilla-scented candles and banana-scented candles so I’m pretty sure there must also be chocolate-mocha-scented candles as well.
    I had never heard of Chris Isaak before but I really like his voice. Thanks for introducing us 😉
    As for Jake – surely you were never in any doubt who is Da Boss.


  4. You make me want to buy a new candle (or light up an old one).
    Your tale of the garage bays is hilarious. I can totally see how that would happen.
    I didn’t know who Chris Isaak was. Nice voice.


    • Chris Isaak is a wonderful entertainer. He has great stage presence but musically his voice can sing a lot of songs that sound similar to Elvis or Johnny Cash. He is very versatile and if he comes to you area, go.


  5. There are chocolate scented candles. Someone gave me one. If I still had it I would tell you who made it…but it is gone…all burnt…nothing left. Didn’t smell as good as real chocolate but still pretty good.


    • You walked past my car to come through the garage to come into the house. I have been having small scratches on my driver side and I don’t know where they come from. I wanted to see if we or other people bump or scrap as they are walking past the car. They are superficial scratches that can be buffed out but they do cut through the paint. If I continue to get them it isn’t from that.

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  6. I had to stop burning those cookie-scented candles b/c, inevitably, one of the boys showed up and threw their hands in the air when no cookies were to be found.

    Happy birthday to your beloved – what a guy, giving up his garage bay for you.

    Jake has things all figured out – ha! Have fun at the concert 🙂



  7. Candles…who knew. No wonder I retain water when I walk through the aromatherapy department at Bloomingdales.
    Fall shows ending, for the season or otherwise. The Newsroom…kaphluy, to use your word…Aaron Sorkin said…he’ll probably never write for television again. Sigh…Since the West Wing he never resumed his 90 minute stride.
    Jake…just treat him like you would your grandfather…old and cranky, but still your biggest fan.



  8. Omg …..tis the season of candles that suddenly bring on hunger pains! Sorry Kate but I am still laughing at the garage dilemma….hahaha! It’s crazy how one little thing can throw us off.
    Have a great week and Happy Birthday to the Hubby!


  9. “kaphluey” You all say that too? Love it!
    So glad you did no harm to the garage door. That was close.
    We watched a Sherlock Holmes finale last night. Of course, we were left with a cliff hanger. It was nice sitting with T-Bob on my lap. I know he was amazed that I had slowed down enough on Saturday night to not pop up and disturb him. In fact, I asked Rick to bring me my phone, as he was sitting so comfy on my lap, clueless of the cliff hanger we were watching.


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