And the holidays begin

Courtesy of clipartpanda

Courtesy of clipartpanda

Every year I complain to the beloved husband that we don’t get invited to holiday parties. It’s true we don’t. Not because we are excluded but most of our friends no longer entertain in their home.

Instead there are small restaurant dinners. Of course we call it “celebrating the holidays” but we do it all year round.

We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Passover, all birthdays and eyelashes falling out. We are equal opportunity celebrators especially when no one has to work.

Tuesday night was girls’ night. We went to a newly remodeled restaurant and for once I wasn’t disappointed. The renovations included carpeting, cloth drapes and other soft items to help with the noise and comfort level. That’s a novel approach around here.

We met at 5:30 and were seated in one of the last available tables. You need reservations for 5:30 on a Tuesday night! Who would have thought that? The economy must be improving!

Last night was dinner with the local neighbors. We went to an old favorite. We have a brunch after Thanksgiving and a few more events on the books along with two rockin’ concerts.

Remembering back when I was young, we would be on the go throughout the whole season. Friends had open houses. Companies hosted holiday parties at fancy locations where you dressed up. I mean really dressed up!

It was exhausting and it collided with busy end of year work schedules.

Every year I bought a “holiday” outfit that was a long dress with matching shoes. I haven’t done that in a long, long time.

I always kept a few “hostess” gifts like candy, wine or scented candles around to take to impromptu events. (We are always open to impromptu parties. If someone calls in sick, we can be there in a half hour!)

By the time Christmas came, we were exhausted and grateful if the day was quiet.

The holidays changed as we got older. We will get together with family and friends but will also indulge ourselves in dinners and day trips just for the two of us.

It’s a great time of renewal (and you don’t need a new ball gown for that!). Not to worry though, I did treat myself to a nice new pair of corduroy jeans.

Oh yes, and four new pair of shoes…..

Some people celebrate black Friday. I had a black Wednesday. Some things never change.


24 thoughts on “And the holidays begin

  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday as I was slaving away preparing for Thanksgiving. I enjoy being exhausted from spending time with family and friends much better than being exhausted from running around with acquaintances …. it’s just a different kind of tired.
    Ps. Wear those shoes well!!


  2. Your change in attitude about celebrations mirrors our own, Kate. There’s only one holiday that we traditionally celebrate at home on our own – New Year’s Eve. I followed my parents’ example and avoided any drivers on the road – or off – who might have partied to excess. Company parties seem to be almost non-existent. Sad. 😉


    • We haven’t done anything big for NYE in decades. We typically go out for an early dinner and are safely at home by 8 p.m. Then we stay up until like 11:30 and fall asleep before the ball falls down. We are very exciting people.

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  3. Ah… for your good old days when I wore long silk dresses and high heels to parties with brimming buffet tables and a band for dancing. Now I look forward to being with my far-flung children and grandchildren. This year we’ll all be in Indiana. I do miss the dancing, but I certainly can’t dance in high heels anymore.


    • I recently bought 2 pair of shoes with a slight heel (1-3/4″). I wore one pair for about 5 hours. Eyowza! I don’t know how I wore spikes for 10! Maybe I have to break them in gradually, like for 10 minutes at a time. You may have a snowy Christmas in Indiana but being with family is the best.


  4. We are dreadful bores hubby and I. We both despise end of the year corporate ‘parties’ because of the inevitable backlash and gossip. Too much free booze always leads to trouble… but I do enjoy family and friend gatherings (more so than hubby).


    • As the head of Human Resources, I always avoided happy hours. Free flowing booze and I would be required to address inappropriate behavior. Not my favorite activity! The formal parties were better because spouses were there but I didn’t miss them except for the sparkly outfit I got to buy. Now I don’t miss that either.

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  5. I do miss having corporate parties to get all snazzed up for. Hubbs endured them but I rather liked finding something sparkly to wear. Now we have a potluck at the office and that’s about it. Sometimes, if we’re not sick, we might meet the elders for drinks. Man, we’re boring now!



  6. We have a core group in our neighborhood of 4 – 5 (mostly retired) couples who have a lot of in-home get togethers. I guess since it’s usually the same group with a few new people sprinkled in every once in awhile, the pressure is off to impress. I much prefer these to going to restaurants… And we can just walk home after having a drink or two… or three.


    • We do a lot of those in the summer. We put everyone in the screened porch and grill so I don’t even have to clean the house. I’d love to put a heater out there for the winter but it is just screened!


  7. I so love the Christmas season…everything looks so beautiful and sparkling. People just don’t entertain much in their homes these days…too old and tired maybe? Easier to ‘meet and eat’ elswhere…no muss, no fuss, no bother.
    Our sons and their wives are late 50’s and early sixties and they love entertaining in their home…on the spur of the moment or long range planning and people really enjoy it.

    We have a few things to attend and we’ll enjoy them. Thinking about the decorations…we have fun doing our decorations…I’m amazed at the amount of people who ‘hire’ their decorations done by professionals. Whatever happened to the ‘personal touch’?

    I agree with the comment from oldgirlnewtricks…Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Hugs!


    • I used to do much more entertaining than I do now. There was always a pre-Christmas tree trimming party (nothing really got trimmed!) and we still host a New Year’s Day dinner. Meet and eat is definitely more popular and personally if I couldn’t handle doing the decorations I would just cut back rather than hire someone. We have cut back somewhat the my husband still likes his tree.


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