Random five for September 14

DSC_0219I just got back from a week at the beach. Life was good but….

Payback — Jake has to be boarded. He gets shots and has litter issues so it’s best to take him to kitty camp. They all fuss over him and he likes it. I pay for it when he gets home. He yells all the way home in the car until my nerves are rattled. Then he yells in the house and has to smell the other cats. (I am sure he is convinced I added a cat while he was gone.) Then it’s outside to pee on every bush to re-establish his territory. What a cat!

A present – After all this, Jake, the 16-year old one-toothed cat, killed and brought into the house a dead chipmunk. It was a present. I guess he’s feeling his oats! The beloved husband didn’t find any humor in this.

Speaking of chippies – Before we left I picked our tomatoes throwing out the ones that had bite marks on them. I was throwing them over the fence into the back ravine. I noticed one didn’t make it all the way back and there was the back-end of a chippie sticking out of a tomato. It was bigger the he was but he was trying to get a grip to carry it back to the nest. It was so funny.

Coming home – One of the best things about coming home to a house full of pets is that someone is glad to see you. They stick to you like glue. Every where I turned there were at least three cats within three feet. I love it but it won’t last!

Computers, computers – My computer is dying. It overheats and has to be completely shut down between uses. I bought a new one before I left and need to set it up. I dread it. I know I am supposed to be excited. It’s the latest and the greatest but it’s a new operating system with a new version of Windows Office. It’s going to slow me down for a while and I will need to call the manufacturer at least once. When it comes to computers, I am not so good at change.

How was your week?

42 thoughts on “Random five for September 14

    • To get the gift properly placed you need to have a cat door where the cat can sneak in anything. They place it at a spot that is guaranteed to gross you out — like the dining room. After all, it’s for dining isn’t it? Cats are not dumb.


  1. A dead chipmunk? I think I’d have to move! I enjoy your “random fives” and this month is no exception, except i’m grimacing! I do feel really badly for you with the dying computer, Kate. That’s not fun. The new one will give your neurons a chance to do that fancy new patterning we’re all so interested in exploring. Enjoy!


  2. I love the Random 5 since they’re all so cute and funny…but my fave this week…(I am sure he is convinced I added a cat while he was gone.) The gift of a chipmunk which would have had me saying novenas also got me giggling…it was a gift, a welcome home/ fuck you for for leaving present. I’m assuming it came then…and the computer…it’s like when you do work on the house and it’s a mess and you think, what was I thinking…you have to fantasize about the end result. You will be so happy with a new PC, or Mac…whatever it is you bought…you think you’re going to miss that pokey Chevy until you take that Jag around the block to see what it can do. Trust me. Cyber nirvana is just around the corner 🙂


    • Cats are about checking out every detail to make sure nothing changed. Even when they come back from a half hour vet trip. You would think we changed the house. I know the new computer will be better. My new Kindle was fairly easy to set up so I’m hoping…


  3. Wow, such a lovely beach front. Glad you were able to have some quiet beach time. That photo could be framed in your den reminding you of this scene.
    How cute that chipmunk tried to lug a tomato back home. The garbage disposal is not installed — yet — so I still use the colander to throw stuff over the fence. By the next day, it’s all gone. I wonder who or what your infrared camera would detect cleaning up along the fence line.


    • It’s so nice that you feed the wildlife like that. I had an oversized zucchini that I didn’t need so I put it out back and it was gone in a day. Something like zucchini! Even the big ones with the big seeds.


  4. Kate looks like a beautiful place to unwind. My cats stay on the farm when we go away. After suffering from an overload of anxiety when we sent them to the boarding kennels. They are much happier having someone come and feed them. BUT they make us pay when we arrive home by ignoring us for almost a day. Funny crazy animals I would be lost without them.


    • The other three cats stay in the house and we have a vet tech come in for them. They do fine like that. Jake won’t come out for his shots and his way of showing annoyance is to pee on throw carpets so letting him stay without me is out of the question. I would be lost without them too…even Jake although he is work.

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  5. Let’s barter…
    If you take me with you on your next beach trip…it looks so serene…I’ll loan you my 15 year old grandson who fixes all my computer woes in a matter of seconds. (I’m starting to believe these kids have a mutant gene we didn’t need so we didn’t get although now we need it.)


  6. I don’t know how my daughters do it. They come back from a trip in the evening and the next morning they send the kids off to school and go to work. It takes me the whole next day to unpack, wash clothes, water the plants, buy groceries, etc. I hope you had a wonderful time at the beach.

    Getting used to a new computer is no fun at all. I don’t like to spend the time learning about it; I want to just start using it.


    • I don’t know how I used to do it either. Back from vacation and to work the next day. That’s exhausting just thinking about it. I don’t like to spend time learning computer stuff either. I try batting around first and then read the directions.


  7. Cats, very entertaining and other critters too. My computer will go to aclinic next week and see if I can save it. I think it overheats, idles and eventually shuts down, too. I have been using the iPad to read and comment. The printer is for the birds, oh Brothers! If I have to purchase a new one, i might be AWOL for awhile. Must save mucho dinero, teachers strike no dinero. Life is good, I have my two cats.


  8. I too love the beach shot. It reminds me that this is still a glorious world.

    Nancy, is that Jake’s Blog that you’re talking about this Jake? Where can I find it? I think I’m in love with Jake.

    I’m still struggling with my and hubby’s health issues. One thing about these kinds of issues…it’s great to know one is still alive.

    The funny thing is that hubby is not supposed to lift anything heavier than 5 lbs. for 6 weeks; I’m not supposed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. for 6 weeks. Between the two of us, we can lift 15 lbs. Somehow that hit our doctor’s funnybone. I told him if he thought it was so funny, he could come shopping with us and carry the groceries.

    We can’t even pick up all our dogs. It is kind of funny, at that, but I can’t wait for 6 weeks to be up. Hubby at least gets paid sick leave, but I don’t know if he is going to survive it. He is already sneaking back to work with a promise that he won’t lift anything. I tap my foot at him and ask him how he’d like to go through the whole thing again (hernia surgery). He says no, thanks lol.


      • We recently moved and I labeled every cord and every other thing as to where they went and when they went … into where they went. Still took hours to set up. Then the tech came to set up the Internet connection and of course paid no attention to where I had so carefully twisted and untwisted the chords.
        The price of new computers I also find annoying. 😦
        We carried the computers in the car. I didn’t trust the movers. I let them move the good silver…….but not my computer!! 🙂
        The setting up of your new computer will give you a good blog post … maybe even two. But I have never seen you lacking for a good blog post.


        • I have been putting it off. Today my husband put the box in a place where I will see it so I start the process. Maybe tomorrow. I have an all in one. The good news is that there are only two cords — the modem and the power. I think back to the days of speaker, mouse and keyboard cords too and I am amazed that I ever got it together.


  9. Have your ever read Jake’s blog? Just the other day, he posted:

    Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

    The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape.

    In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet.

    Today I decapitated a chipmunk and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of.

    However, they merely made condescending comments about what a ‘good little hunter’ I am.



    • I don’t read that blog but that is from a long essay on a cat’s point of view that I have read many times. My Jake doesn’t barf (I have others who do) but he is the hunter and loves to decapitate. He used to eat most of his kills but not so much anymore. The odd thing is that tuna is his favorite flavor. Never ever did he hunt for tuna. I suppose that’s my fault as I have never taken him deep sea fishing.


  10. Oh that beach shot is heavenly!

    Coming home is always the best part of any trip but you’re right – there always seem to be consequences to remind you how good you had it before you left!

    Would loved to have seen the chippie moving the big tomato 🙂 MJ

    welcome home!


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