Between the storms

Granddaughters making shopping decisions.

Granddaughters making shopping decisions.

One sure sign of aging is the length of recovery time needed between events. Last week was a beach vacation and this week the granddaughters are flying in. Both events are greatly anticipated and also exhausting.

The beach vacation isn’t a typical vacation where you go someplace and people do things for you. We take our towels, linens and food. It’s very upscale camping. The house is wonderful with an expansive deck which is a perfect place for happy hour but it comes with a lot of planning and after the trip cleanup.

For the granddaughters we are planning fun activities (Note to self: Take vitamins). We’ll eat out and on the go. That’s wonderful for me.

The best part is shopping with the girls. They get to pick out an outfit and a toy each.

They are eight (going on whatever). As fraternal twins they are distinctly different in tastes and interests. It’s always fun to see where their interests are at each stage.

Last year we spent a bit of time selecting school outfits. Their choices were extremely different. One selected knit jeans with a top that was coordinated but not wildly colorful. The other went for an “island look” long dress which we matched with a bolero sweater. One outfit was sedate and the other almost party-like matching their personalities perfectly.

As the youngest child in my immediate and extended family, I have never spent a lot of time with kids. I instinctively know what to do when I encounter a kitten or puppy but children are a mystery to me. They don’t like to be scratched behind the ear and they certainly don’t use a litter box.

Somehow I muddle through the encounters and learn. My niece (close to my age) has four wonderful kids who are all adults now. I have great memories of each one. They were and are so very different in styles and personalities.

When looking at a litter of kittens, not only are the colors different but the personalities too. You just have to watch to see it. Children from the same family are like that too except they don’t have different color fur.

It’s amazing that people from the same gene pool end up so different but that’s what makes people interesting.

I’m off to take my vitamins and prepare for the next round of activities! Are margaritas a vitamin? There must be some fruit in there somewhere.

35 thoughts on “Between the storms

  1. The girls are really adorable, and you must have a very fun time with them. You can get your rest when they go home! I have a strong feeling you can keep up with them just fine. I think the beach sounds just perfect. If you are going to “camp” this is the place to do it. 🙂

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  2. The may not be fruit in a margarita but that little drink represents rejuvenation! Go for it. And meanwhile, enjoy the moments with family Kate. Your grandgirls are beautiful by the way. And when all is said and done, you can collapse and rest with all the great memories.


  3. I love them shopping…how cute are they…and as far naps go…I’m rivaling Jake and Hazel…I get up and need one..and I love upscale camping…an L. L. Bean flannel shirt over Gap jeans…heels and a Chanel Bag…and yes…pitch my tent on the 15th floor so I have a nice view…and isn’t room service cute in their fishing gear?


  4. It’s Wednesday, how’s it going? What an adorable photo of both of them shopping, like they just can’t decide!
    My grandson is 11 and I love taking him shopping. I thought girls were fun, but there’s lots to shop for with boys, too.


  5. I know what you mean about needing time between trips and visits. My kids don’t understand. My grandchildren live on the other side of the country, so I have a hard time keeping up with their interests, especially the boys. After having three daughters, boys are a mystery to me.


    • I was fortunate that the only two grandchildren are girls. At least I understand them a little better but I agree with you. When they live on the other side of the country, you can’t keep up with their interests which shift frequently.


  6. I think the salt has Iodine in it. If only kids can lick themselves up to clean their bodies that would be half of the battle. Enjoy them while they are young. They grow up too fast.


  7. Margaritas are full of Vitamin C . . . the best antioxidant there is! Drink up. 😎

    We have 10 nieces and nephews in 4 families. It’s fun to see the differences between siblings, especially the twins.


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