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Back when I started blogging and had two or three readers, I told the story of my extremely shy cat Hazel. Here is a revisited, updated version of our mysterious half-feral but very meek cat.

In the back of a carrier there was a small young cat, trying to be invisible. I felt sorry for her because in addition to being terrified, she was homely, very homely.

The cats in the other carriers were pawing at passersby, trying to get attention and get that forever home. Not this one.

She was a muted short-haired pastel grey tiger cat. I asked to hold her . (Do you ever wonder if cats up for adoption think to themselves, “oh no, I don’t want a blonde owner!”)

She stuck her head in my armpit hoping that I wouldn’t notice her. Her head was too small for her body and her ears stuck out like doors on a taxi. No one was going to choose her. (This particular thought process is how I got four cats! Obviously I think everyone only adopts beautiful perfect cats.)

I told her, “looks like you won the lottery!” (Most of my friends want to come back in another life as my pet.) She will get attention, care, proper nourishment (too much of that), exercise and feline friends to cavort with. That is how Hazel came to join our family.

She was shy around people – still is. We have some friends who have never seen her. But she and Mollie, our other female cat, were BFFs right out of the gate.

Here are Mollie (left) and Hazel shortly after Hazel was adopted.

Here are Mollie (left) and Hazel shortly after Hazel was adopted.

I never worried about our old male cat, Jake. Hazel loved him too. She still follows him around and smells his butt. (God, why do cats do that, especially right before they cuddle up to your face?) He occasionally cuffs her on the head (gently of course) but only when she is really pestering him.

She was Morgan’s first friend too.

Our cats have chores. Here are Hazel’s chores:

Resident doily – You remember doilies, those lacy things that your grandmother put on tables and other furniture. Hazel drapes herself on tables and credenzas to add ambience.
Food tester – She will eat any food first to determine if it is good enough for consumption. Occasionally she does get carried away and tastes just a bit too much.
Upholsterer – She spends considerable time enhancing the furniture with soft fur. She strives to do it evenly and with taste and quickly recovers after we vacuum it off.

Hazel upholstering a chair

Hazel upholstering a chair

She has one peculiarity — she emits distressing flatulence when she is frightened, much like a porcupine shoots quills. Yes, she is an A1 farter! She shoots them right out and the room requires fumigation for normal habitation. Even the other cats can’t stand it.

Hazel’s most terrifying moment happened early one morning. She was lying on a windowsill in the second floor bedroom. When she does this, she tends to throw her weight into the screen. All 17 pounds! Didn’t I tell you that she would get nourished?

Something disconnected and the screen flew out the window, followed closely by a frightened cat. I was in the bathroom getting dressed. The beloved husband was on the screened porch, drinking coffee. He saw it happen – flying screen, followed by flying cat, followed by my screams.

I raced down the stairs to the back door to find a slightly disoriented cat walking out of the lilac bush which broke her fall. She came in the door. We checked her and nothing seemed to be broken. She went right to her dish, had a bite to eat and ran back upstairs to lie on the same windowsill. (When you fall off your bike, you get right back on it, don’t you?)

She was renamed Hazel the Flying Wallenda.


25 thoughts on “The flying Wallenda| For animal lovers

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  2. Oh Kate, I loved this so much…The Hazel Story…resident doily…food taster…love that you saw her beauty and took her home…your karma must be legendary…first class farter…Oh my…she really came with ammo, of all kinds 🙂 Great tail.


  3. Hazel is a lovely girl. I love that photo of her upholstering the chair.

    I have a story about a flying cat–no damage to the cat, but he did destroy one panel of my decorative screen. He flew across my dining room table, slid on the tablecloth, scraped down the silk batik screen and then ran away.


    • The question that begs to be asked is, “What was he doing on your dining room table?” Then I remembered, he’s a cat. That’s one of Hazel’s favorite places and I haven’t been able to break that habit. Fortunately she doesn’t do it when people are here or they would freak out.


  4. I’m so glad she was OK. Having one of my boys fall out the screen is one of my biggest fears. Sometimes they run to an open window with such vigor, I worry they’ll just go right through it.

    The picture of Hazel in the chair is gorgeous!


    • My biggest fear is that one of my cats will get out of the cage at the vet which is on a very busy street. Then it happened. Jake got out of his old carrier in the car in the parking lot. Fortunately we were able to close the door before he jumped out. I bought a new carrier on wheels with a zipper. My old one had a sliding latch and I never felt good about that.


  5. Hazel looks like she has recovered well from her feral beginnings and flying adventure. She is most regal! I had a feral girl adopt me once and had no say in the matter at the time – she was rather like your girl in many ways 🙂 She is gone some seven years now, but the fur lingered much longer ……


  6. Hazel is a terrific cat…and I love her looks and manners! Such a recovery artist…right back to the scene of the ‘flight of Hazel’. We adopted Gibby, our Ragdoll, from a rescue home; we fell in love with her while she was missing (as in bald) the fur on one half of her bod. The family dog aggravated her 24/7 and she was? Well, stressed is hardly the word.

    Kate…I just finished a really good, little mystery on Kindle…you’d love it because one of the characters you’ll fall for is a cat…the main character dubbed the cat “Lassie”. Please read it and smile a lot…guaranteed to help make a day!

    Hugs and hope your eye is better!


  7. Love this – Hazel is a very pretty girl, and I think she has done very well to accept you into her world. I would have been beside myself if a cat fell out of a window! Glad everyone survived to tell the tale!

    I never appreciated the term “fraidy cat” until Oscar came into our life. He hides all the time, too. He knows the difference between Reiner’s car in the driveway and anyone else’s. First sign of an unfamiliar tire or footfall, and he’s gone!


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