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Morgan just getting up from a nap.

Morgan just getting up from a nap.

It’s been a while since I wrote about Morgan. She turned two sometime this summer and there was a change.

She was always an active cat. She would stay up all day and sleep all night without the napping that other cats do.

That has changed. She now needs her beauty sleep and naps after each meal like a proper grown-up cat with a noisy 3 a.m. foray around the house to check for bugs and intruders.

My 6 pound youngster has grown to 12 pounds but don’t let that fool you. She could be a model. She is a tall and very thin cat, towering over everyone but Jake, with long legs.

Her body is finally catching up with her ears. She had the biggest ears I had ever seen in a young cat. I was thinking we’d have to get her some plastic surgery so she wouldn’t be laughed at but as usually happens, it corrected itself.

I wonder if she will have humongous ears like old men get. You do know ears keep growing, don’t you? I don’t know why. It’s not like they work better. In fact, the bigger they grow the worse your hearing is.

All her teeth have grown in. She has stopped chewing. Mostly she gnawed on me but sometimes on other things too.

She has a saunter about her. Perhaps it’s an attitude. When she isn’t sauntering, she is galloping. We could have called her Zippy!

Will ya move over? I can barely fit my tail in here!

Will ya move over? I can barely fit my tail in here!

She is more affectionate. She was not about all the cuddling in the early days. After all there were bugs to be caught and other cats to be pummeled. Now she cuddles up particularly on the computer chair. She gets to put her full body there while I am lucky to fit a single cheek on it.

When she first came, she deferred to the other cats. Now she holds her own. Jake still bops her when she tries to smell him. (All the cats like to smell him. He’s diabetic he may smell sweet or at least different.)

She is a lot taller than Mollie, the alpha cat, and gives her a run for her money. Hazel just let’s her do what she wants which includes rolling over her.

The best part is that she is not about the food. She couldn’t care less. That suits Hazel. I have to be vigilant so that our tubby Hazel isn’t getting two portions.

If Morgan were a person she would glide like one of the elegant tall thin models and she’d have attitude too. “Dahling, we must do lunch next time we’re in the Hamptons!”

Of course, she would do all this with one eye!

30 thoughts on “Morgan, part-time cat, full-time aristoCat | For Animal Lovers

  1. How did I miss this? I think another reason she’s calmed down is she trusts you so very much. Before she had to be on guard in case she was getting the old heave-ho…and there was Hazel to slink around with one eye open, no pun intended…love the plastic surgery line…I can see the two of you going in for consultation saying…we don’t want anything drastic…just a little hem will do…sweet piece.


  2. Definitely you two have a special bond. A long legged cat? She sounds gorgeous. Send her head shots…er body shots to a local modeling agency. Maybe she will get picked up.
    Love your unexpected header. 🙂 Reminds me I should change mine more frequently…I will when I surface from the beginning of the semester stuff.


    • You can put your header on random and rotate through a series of photos. Morgan would make a good acting cat. She doesn’t scare easily and is very friendly. However, she is a cat so she doesn’t always do what’s asked.


  3. Morgan is such a chic cat…love her elegance. I know she and our ragdoll, Gibby, could really be friends…on second tho’t that wouldn’t work. They’d probably give each other that haughty evil eye look and glide away!
    I know Morgan must adore you for saving and loving her…you are just wonderful.
    By the way, it’s great that she isn’t afraid of the vacuum cleaners; Gibby gives them her space.


  4. Morgan always seems to carry a bit of mystery, so it’s nice that she’s settled in comfortably and has carved out her own little niche in the kitty clan. The Aristocat … clever!


  5. Morgan is one cool – and beautiful – cat. I’m glad that she has stopped chewing and that she’s holding her own in your household. The sharing of the computer chair. Yes. Usually, it’s Reggie who reluctantly lets me have some space. I also have one cat, Jean Louis, sitting right in front of the computer screen. 😉

    I’m looking for some advice on how to stop cats from clawing. One, or both, of our cats uses my best couch as a scratching post. Heartbreaking. I won’t consider declawing them. Is there another remedy?


    • Keep their nails clipped with a lot of scratching posts of the material they like best. Put catnip on them. Squirt them with water when they do it on the wrong stuff. You can try those little claw covers but I don’t know if they work. I imagine my cats would chew them off. My brother rescued a cat off the streets (literally) that never clawed anything but the carpeted posts made for her. That was a miracle cat. Good luck.


  6. She always has that sophisicat witty wink. Morgan is a beauty – glad she’s sorted out her social status with the others.(She looks so much like our recently rescued Grey gentleman who decided to wander off and selected a new home shortly after we moved – he’s happy, but we did like him…RC did not…wonder if that sweet personality is typical for that type.)


    • I don’t know. She is definitely an alpha cat who occasionally challenges our queen ruler. That’s probably why she is not afraid of anything. She was found on the streets around 6 months of age. She looks like a Russian blue with silvery tips and vaguely striped tail. Of course she’s probably part of a lot of things.

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    • She is. I adopted her because of her disability and was pleasantly surprised that she has a super personality. Although she was picked up as a stray, there is no feral in her at all. She’s not even afraid of vacuum cleaners.


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