Kitty Emergency Response System

If you’ve ever had a cat you can relate to this one! Sometimes I feel like the staff at a 5 star resort except there is no time off. Someone always needs something even if it’s just a scratch or a little kibble or help getting the mousie out from under the cabinet.


cat cartoon, Real Life Adventures

32 thoughts on “Kitty Emergency Response System

  1. Kate, this is so true. While the grandpuppy was here this week, they wanted to drink out of HIS shiny silver water dish rather than their ceramic bowl. So I bought them a shiny silver water dish which they ignore.

    They were quite curious why he got to go out on walks. So I bought a leash and a wrap (with a hoodie) for our cats. Reggie tolerated it. (I didn’t take her outside yet.) Jean-Louis was quite adamant that he was NOT going to wear THAT thing. Kids! Er, that is, I mean … cats … and dogs. (Actually the grandpuppy has been just grand.) 😉


    • So funny! Glad they got along. We had a dog visitor overnight once and everyone spent the night under a bed. Of course that we before Morgan who would probably bop the dog on the nose to see if it was fun.


  2. I had a cat once (it picked me) who bossed me around like that. I also felt like staff. It’s true the saying that dogs have owners; cats have staff. Anyhow, I know dogs tend to be a little heavier when they are relaxed, sleeping on the bed. But Sheena, my black cat, insisted on sleeping on my legs which pinned me effectively to the bed, since she weighed 612 lbs. (I’m sure of it.) I could never get her to move, so there I lay, immobilized for the night. THEN she would wake me up in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun was fully up, by licking my face. Now a dog licking your face is somewhat comforting, especially if it’s a small dog. But a cat? It was like taking a sandpaper rasp and running it up and down my cheek. Sometimes if I didn’t jump right up, it even scraped the skin. I loved her, though.


  3. Love the cat references. Our Gibby (Ragdoll) just parks and eyes us w/ those luscious eyes if her food dish or water dish isn’t placed exactly on the tiny pinpoint spot she expects and wants! Then she’ll give up and politely moves it herself. Picky, picky…but aren’t they sooo fun and lovely? Meow, meow!


    • Occasionally we have to move the food dishes for one reason or another. They are never happy. Sometimes they complain that it’s not really their dish! Gotta love ’em. (I just love ragdolls! never had one)


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