Random five for July 13!

Note to readers: I posted this earlier but it didn’t seem to go through. I apologize if you got two notices!

A random five for an absolutely gorgeous summer week!

A song in my head – Every morning I wake up with a song on my head. Sometimes I know why. Maybe I just heard the tune or someone talked about it. Sometimes I have no clue how it got there. Here is one that came out of nowhere. I knew the tune and some of the words. The beloved husband didn’t remember it. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with my singing.) I turned to the internet. Gene Pitney did a version in the 1960s but the original was sung by Donnie Brooks in the 1940s. (Maybe my mother played it on the record player.)  It’s been decades since I heard it. Maybe you remember it (if you are old enough).

Anticipation is making me wait – There was a delicatessen near my workplace that had the best sandwiches with unusual condiments. I’m all about the condiments! I haven’t been there in several years so I treated myself. What a freaking disappointment. The bread had changed. Bread is important! Instead of a fabulous fresh Kaiser roll, they used part of a big bready sub roll that was made earlier this year. Or maybe even last year. All that anticipation for nothing! And yes, there is a song for that too.

glassesVery strange allergies – Remember the new nerdy glasses I got two weeks ago? I’m allergic to the material. I got dermatitis under the hard plastic nosepiece. I checked with the optician who was flummoxed. She offered no solution so I am in discussions with Mr. Google. There are things you can glue on but at the moment I’m back to my old glasses until my skin heals.

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you – The IRS (the bear) told me I owed over $10K based on some wrong data they had, (yes, I almost had a heart attack!). They reviewed my response and closed the case. Hallelujah! One bear down!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPonds, trees and frogs – The new tree by the pond is planted. The root ball was 300 pounds but the beloved husband and I rolled that puppy into the hole. Awesome! It’s already taller than our dogwoods but a little skimpy as new trees are. That hasn’t stopped the frogs and me from trying to sit in the shade. In a year or two it will be perfect!

The two frogs were supervising!

The two frogs were supervising!

So how was your week?


19 thoughts on “Random five for July 13!

  1. That pic of Donnie Brooks with Dick Clark … that had to be in the 50s. I do love “Mission Bell,” but I’m not sure I remember Gene Pitney singing that song. My favorite Pitney songs were: “Town Without Pity” and “Liberty Valence.”

    Sorry to hear about the glasses. What a bummer! I’ve stuck with the same frames for quite a while because they are lightweight and I’d been getting headaches before. Yea! Love your win over the bear (the IRS) and the new tree is looking good. 😉


    • I think it was late 50s to very early 60s. There was something that talked about his greatest hits of the 40s but he looks too young for that. I listened to the Gene Pitney version and I didn’t remember him singing it. This one is the one that was in my head.

      As for glasses, when you find a winner, you have to keep them forever whether or not they are in style!


  2. My week was full of insanity and something tells my that SUPER moon had something to do with it. The photo of the frogs is gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier about your tree, she certainly is a beauty.
    All the best for smooth sailing this week!


  3. $10K = a lot of Starbucks! Huzzah!!!
    Glad you got the tree planted ~ it’s going to be a great tree for you and your froggy friends.

    And yes the bread is THE most important part of a sandwich. If it’s not good, I’d rather have a salad.


  4. I’m sorry to hear your trip to the deli was disappointing, Kate. Don’t you hate when restaurants make changes, not for the better. It reminds me of when you have a product that you really love and then the company discontinues it…I hate that!
    My week was good…looking forward to this week. I have an infusion tomorrow so I’ll be getting my energy back…yay! xo


  5. I guess I’m old enough. I remember that song, although I’m familiar with the 1960 version. It’s funny how an old song like that would pop into your head. The thing I find fun is how when I come back to the car after an hour or two and start it up, I realize that not only was the song on my CD playing in my head while I was away; it was stuck on the same line, and now I can continue singing it.

    Impressive tree planting. You’re going to enjoy the shade.


  6. Tree lovers are awesome…I love trees! Breaks my heart when one dies.
    Our week (’cause I spent it w/Michael, my love) was awesome. Our 62nd anniversary, flew to Chicago for an annual reunion w/Michael’s army buddies from their heavy tank company in the Korean conflict. Due to age the number of vets is shrinking and there were just four attending this year…but such an awesome four! Along with families there were 22 of us for four days of super days, making precious memories.
    As for bread? Our plane out of Chicago was delayed two hours so M and I had a chicken salad sandwich on bagel and it was sooo delish. When my husband was young, young…he worked with his dad and granddad who owned/operated a bakery. Talk about ‘the bread’? So we’re spoiled and expect only the good-est. Nothing like good bread.
    Glasses? Ouch. They must be ~ gotta’ be comfortable/non-allergenic. My last pair is the most comfortable I’ve ever had…I dread the time they need to be switched. Wishing you luck w/yours!
    Gosh…forgot about the song…so nice! We always have a memorial service to conclude the vets reunion…one of the vets had a luscious voice and he always closed w/The Lord’s Prayer…he’s been gone for some years now. This year I played Perry Como’s version and it was ‘goose-pimples’…that’s been in our heads at this house for two days running.
    Thanks for another very nice Five! Hugs to you, Kate! (Wow…I got a tad wordy)


    • Sounds like you had a wonderful week. I used to work with a guy who was a veteran of Viet Nam. Every year he would go to meet a group of his military buddies in Washington DC. As you said, the group gets smaller.


  7. Your week was fun and exciting compared to mine! Getting rid of the bear had to be gratifying and waking up to a song in your head! I love the new tree too and how all you living critters are expecting shade already! 🙂 BTW -All my glasses leave some mark or irritation. Lemme know if you find a solution.


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