Random Five for last week.

Peonies from my garden

Peonies from my garden

A collection of events from the week that was.


Saving wildlife – This seemed to be a week focused on critters. A bird got between the screen and the window in our music room and couldn’t get out. Not surprisingly, one-eyed cat Morgan found it and terrorized it from the inside until we heard the racket. It required cutting the screen from the outside to free the bird that had entered through a very small screen tear. How do they find those little entrances? Morgan was sad to see her buddy fly off but in the process she trashed the blind and put slobber marks all over the window. What a cat! Ironically her buddy was a catbird.


We call this guy croc, short for crocodile. He looks so big compared to my smaller frogs.

We call this guy croc, short for crocodile. He looks so big compared to my smaller frogs.

More on wildlife – It appears that one of our frogs is a bullfrog. They are huge and sound like a bull moose in full heat. It’s not an alpha frog and I feel sorry for it as my big male green frog keeps trying to mount it. She’s (I’m thinking it’s a female or else we have a gay male frog) not having that. I have heard of interracial marriage but this seems to be a bit over the top.


Owwwweeee! — For the first time in many years, I got a really bad pizza burn. Don’t you hate those pizza shops that take a cold slice of pizza; stick it in the oven; then everyone leaves while your slice heats up to over 600 degrees. Now you have to sit there for another 15 minutes while it cools. We all know I’m not a patient person so shazzam! I ate mush all week. I have found that rice is wonderful. 


What were we thinking? – We bought a spruce tree to replace some Douglas firs that were diseased. The beloved husband wanted the large 8 footer which came with a 400 pound root ball. Of course we can do this??? They deliver it next to the hole. Roll it in, easy peasy. Wrong! It flopped in the hole at an angle and we had a helluva time getting it straight. The best line of the event was (and there always is one), “It looked smaller at the garden center.” Sheesh!

Such a deal I have for you! — This weekend is traditionally garage sale weekend in our area. That means that it’s difficult to drive anywhere residential. People who go to these things drive erratically as they try to gauge the merchandise sometimes ending up on the sidewalk. They park at strange places and at odd angles. I rolled my eyes at these “money-makers” until the beloved husband had one at his last house prior to marrying a person with all the perfect stuff (that would be me!). He did well. It would have kept me in mocha lattes for two months. Wahoo!

Here is Morgan. Since she couldn't have a cigarette after her close encounter, she is eating the next best thing.

Here is Morgan. Since she couldn’t have a cigarette after her close encounter, she is eating the next best thing.



27 thoughts on “Random Five for last week.

  1. At our house, we have had to rescue anoles (small lizards) from the cats. Jean-Louis spotted one recently, made a mad dash out to the lanai and brought one in. It was quickly escorted out sans the cat and was relieved to be released outdoors. Those kitties … I know Morgan wasn’t happy, but I’m glad you were able to free the bird, Kate. 😉


    • The bird’s family was in a tree about 5′ away yapping their lungs out. I was afraid of getting attacked but I had to get there to cut the screen. Morgan did sulk or a couple of hours and periodically checks the window. Screen was repaired, window cleaned but the blinds……


  2. I’m sure Morgan was delighted with the cat bird adventure. Not so sure about you and the overly hot pizza, the bull frog mating game, and driving among ditzy people at yard sales. Your random five made for a lot of excitement in the blog-us-fear! 🙂


  3. Where did the big frog come from? Did he/she just show up?
    I have a friend that goes to garage/yard sales every week. Always goes home with something. My desk chair at work is from her…she paid $5.00 for it and it is 100% better than the one I had. Seems strange seeing as I work in a furniture store but back office folks are not given the good stuff.


    • I have no idea where the bull frog came from. There are other ponds in my area and maybe it migrated from one of them. I was going to rehome it but it won’t let me near. The other frogs aren’t skittish but this one is. Probably can read my mind. Some people do real well at garage sales.


  4. Those flowers are to die for…I love the way peonies smell…and your gay frog…if the pond starts looking different, then you’ll know. He’ll be covertly redecorating.

    Pizza…ah…my favorite food…cold, frozen, too hot, the day after.

    Morgan and the bird…cats can’t help being cats. I visited Rosie at the florist and she proudly presented me with a mouse she had just caught. I had to sit down.


  5. Glad you saved the catbird from your cat.
    Maybe it’s a card carrying member of the LGBT for frogs?
    Sorry you burned your mouth on pizza . . . now I’m hungry for pizza. Thanks!

    Love your peonies.
    If you decide to have a Yard Sale, make sure none of your cats are hidden under the cushions or in the drawers.


  6. Our community garage sell was a bit of a bust. I think I saw 2 houses set up and a third with some unsupervised furniture on the sidewalk.
    Ps. Poor froggy 8)


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