Rainy days and Thursdays

We had a run of gorgeous days but today started off rainy.  That is a good time to get things done (or not).

When the sun shines I have trouble doing indoor work so that sits. Who can clean toilets when there are frogs and birds to watch? Horny frogs and birds too — although most of the birds are way past the courting stage here.

They are scooting their fledglings out of the nest much as humans try to do with graduates. I wonder if they have any better luck. There are no good jobs to be had. Just a little more time in their room with their iPads. They all promise to leave. Soon.

The frogs are coming into their mating time. Reminds me of my younger years. All those hormones ranging. No ability to concentrate. Ah yes, sex does bring out the dumb in people.

I still had good intentions to “GET THINGS DONE.”

Yes, I can do that. That is about the time that the beloved husband decided we should pick up hula hoops for the granddaughters. They were on sale! Can’t miss that!

There was an accident and the store was out of power. Fortunately for us, if you had cash, they would let you buy but you had to feel your way.

There were two hoop sizes. Oh no! I tried them both on in the darkened store. Despite the fact that I was a good hooper when I was young, I had trouble keeping them up. (Do they have Viagra for that?)

What happened to my luscious hips that flipped those tubes in a sensuous rhythm? Did they leave with the dumb sex and raging hormones? Perhaps I donated them to Goodwill along with my hippie clothes.


I’m sure we picked the wrong size but they were cheap.

It’s summer here so the road construction clunked up the traffic and we lost a couple of hours on that trip.

Tick, tick, time is moving on and nothing much is getting done…

We picked up an oriental carpet we had professionally cleaned. Mr Cranky Pants (Jake the old diabetic cat) had an accident that I couldn’t get out. It looks like a new carpet! I should get it cleaned more often! It’s amazing what things look like when you get all the cat hair off!

At this point I had fritted away the rainy part of the day. The sun is shining and there are horny frogs begging me to come watch their latest techniques.

I’m not one to miss some good frog-porn especially when it’s right outside the door! Hope your day was more fruitful than mine but I enjoyed it!

Come out to play, Kate. I have some new tricks for you!

Come out to play, Kate. I have some new tricks for you!

30 thoughts on “Rainy days and Thursdays

  1. Kate, I do question what the hula hoop makers have done to their product. I also was pretty good at doing the hula hoop when I was a teen – won a contest in high school. Now, I’m lucky if it’ll go around 6 times before falling down. The grands, however, have it down. They’re good. 😉


  2. Frog porn…I think there’s a whole business here…mugs, T-shirts, boxer shorts…what a funny phrase. You made me smile at the thought of hula hoops…I had one in bright blue…one of my dearest possessions…would have bought a ticket to see you hula your hoop…just get those hips outta storage. Frog porn…lol


  3. I did get up a tad earlier this morning and worked all my brain things before M was up and ready for coffee…if things get done? Well, that’s good and if not, no one explodes…we just mosey along and have fun. Aah…love this life style…don’t have any frogs to watch but all the birds are so happy. Our beautiful Gibby (Ragdoll cat) is also most contented and loving…full of kisses lately. Love it. Thanks for the smiles today…hugs to you!


  4. Isn’t that supposed to be “Rainy days and Mondays”? Love that tune.
    Yesterday, walking beside the Strait of Juan de Fuca, I noticed that all the wild geese were swimming or flying two-by-two. I wouldn’t exactly say it looked sexy, but I usually see them in larger groups or alone. I’m no expert on geese, but I thought spring must have something to do with all the pairing-off.


    • Yes, the real song was Mondays but it was Thursday so what could I do but change the day! I am sure there is some courting going on there. Sometimes we get a Mallard duck pair and they are so lovey-dovey I wanna gag. They act like 16 year olds in their first love. It’s kind of inspiring after you get past the gag factor.


  5. I’m hurting myself trying to figure out the logistics of frog porn. But I feel certain that for a small subscription fee I can access frog porn 24/7 on the internet. Hey, did this just get weird?


  6. My day has been only slightly more fruitful than yours, but it is too lovely out to fuss about getting stuff done. We should enjoy these days before hot and humid take over!


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