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Courtesy of clker

Courtesy of clker

I have just finished two weeks on the worst antibiotic I’ve ever had to take. I don’t normally get sick from antibiotics but this one was a doozy.

It was prevention therapy for a tick bite I got doing yard work. Click here for the full story. In some ways that made it worse because maybe I didn’t need to take it at all.

It was only the morning pill that made me really sick and I don’t know why. I had to eat something with it. I found out the hard way that it was best to eat FIRST and then take the pill. The evening pill didn’t bother me as much.

One day I would be fine and the next I would have a stomach ache that was just awful. Yesterday was the worst. I wavered between the sensation of almost passing out and barfing for an hour.

I felt so bad I considered the emergency room. I couldn’t go because the beloved husband wouldn’t take the toilet in his car and I wasn’t going anywhere without my trusty toilet. We had bonded tightly.

I also couldn’t stand up without passing out. Perhaps an ambulance of gorgeous hunks could have escorted me (is the weekend crew hot?) but I was too weak to change out of my nightgown. I’m not going anywhere in my nightgown. (OMG! I sound like my mother!!!)

It passed after an hour but I was exhausted so I slept. I woke up exhausted. On the positive side I had a legitimate reason for not helping with the mulch project but I lost a day — a gorgeous summer day.

We didn’t have any plans (except for that mulch project) so I could kick back and enjoy the perfect weather without exerting myself.

This whole experience has taught me a few lessons. If you get bitten by anything, capture it and take it along. I don’t care if it’s a dragon. Catch it! They can test the critter for disease. You may save yourself a really bad bellyache and a lot of annoyance.

The other lesson is that finishing a mulch project is better than being sick.


42 thoughts on “Coming up for air

  1. This bugs me. I just read an article about a mosquito from Africa – now somewhere in Florida – that makes you really sick after it bites you. I don’t know if it’s possible to catch those skeeters, but I sure dread going outdoors and making contact with the insect world.

    Kate, I do hope that you’re feeling much better by now.


    • I am. Heard about those mosquitoes too. Had a friend who got dengue fever while living in the tropics (from mosquitoes too). Both her and her husband were deathly ill for a few weeks.


  2. You could have gone to the ER. When you got there all you had to do was stand up, vomit, and pass out. They would take you back right away. I know this for a fact. Not that I did it but I was with someone who did.


  3. GAG. What a horrid experience. No repeats for this one!
    Very brave…(sorry I did laugh a little at the fear of going in nightgown and mom…it was all the stress that did laughing matter)
    Glad you are on the mend and recovering


  4. I like your emoticon– but not the event. My grandmother’s word for what you went through (the strongest word of disgust she ever said in her life) was ish-kabibble!

    I do very much appreciate the word of advice about capturing the critters. I wouldn’t have thought of it.


  5. So, I like this post because at least I know how you are doing…you’re finished w/the poison pills! Yay! I thought of you all day yesterday because M and I were in big tick country where he was bitten years back. Ugh. Thankful you’ve made it through the prescription and you’re right about capturing the ‘biters’ no matter what. Praying for a continued recovery…watch out and mulch on. Hugs.


  6. Yuck! That’s the worst feeling in the world. Antibiotics almost always make me sick, although certainly not that bad. I’m actually taking one right now that they warned me would make me sick but so far thank goodness it has been fine. Also, I understand about not wanting to go to the ER. I had food poisoning once many years ago and Dan wanted to take me to the hospital. I very stoically let him know that I prefer to die at home than endure that torture. I asked him to just go away and let me die in peace. And he said I was being dramatic!


    • I have this great fear of not willingly going to the ER when I have a heart attack although people assure me that they take those folks first. I heard another horror story over the weekend. One of my friends was ill (he’s close to 70) and he sat there for 6 hours then just left. He had tried one of those emergency centers but the doc told him he didn’t have the skills to take care of him. Doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?


  7. I didn’t want to hit the “like” button on this one….what a horrible experience for you Kate! You are such a trooper to stick it out. I would have been in the ER the first time passing out. That’s just unacceptable. Surely there must be an alternative antibiotic with less side effects. I hope you are almost done with the precautionary pills now and can return to the mulch pile.


    • This is the “go to” pill for Lyme disease. I hope I never get it because I don’t tolerate the medicine well. The really odd thing was that I wasn’t healthy enough to go to the emergency room. (Yeah, there’s something wrong with that sentence!) I wouldn’t have been able to sit in the chairs for 6 hours until they get to you.


  8. I’m sorry you had such a rough time with the antibiotic, Kate. It almost sounds like you had some sort of allergic reaction to the pill, but since the evening pill went down without issues, I don’t know what was going on. I’m happy you’re done with them! Take care of yourself.


  9. [Somehow I feel it’s wrong to Like this post because I don’t like that you got so sick taking those stupid pills. But I like the wisdom that you’ve learned from your experience, so I there’s that.]

    What a ridiculous thing to happen to you. Glad that you’re feeling better.


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