Cat Boxing Match

I have been working on this for a while.

When you photograph critters, you get more back ends, tails and paws than usable shots. A while back I took some still shots of the morning boxing match but I was finally able to capture it on video.

Air boxing! Here is a still shot from a couple months ago.

Air boxing! Here is a still shot from a couple of months ago.

This wasn’t my idea nor do I encourage my cats to do this. I was merely recording the morning routine. Jake is the black cat and older (age 16) but he weighs more. Morgan is the young whippersnapper who instigates these events (mostly — I have seen Jake go looking for her if she’s not instigating). It only happens in the morning and there is only a bout or two and then it’s done. The video isΒ 4 seconds.

No one was hurt unless you count all the time I lost trying to film this.

37 thoughts on “Cat Boxing Match

  1. You’re a regular Cecil B. Demille, don’t kid yourself. You could start filming a sequel, like Rocky 2. I love Morgan. It’s like he’s playing with Gramma. She’s 16…wow…must be nice having such a versatile group. Makes me want another cat, or a basset hound with whiskers πŸ™‚


  2. I do relate to how long it takes! I’m fine with the digital camera, but trying to get anything with the video camera, as soon as I go to get the camera, or figure out how to get it turned on, all the activity is over! You did great. And the cats are just so playful. I think this morning ritual has some particular meaning to them and I think it’s so special. Like siblings having a pillow fight! πŸ™‚


    • This was my first video. I looked at other similar ones and they had titles and music and play by play commentary. Oh well….like you said sports photography is for experts!


    • OMG! I kept yelling at my husband to get the camera and as soon as we turned it on, everyone sat down. It took weeks to get this! (Mostly because I’m not too swift at these things)


    • I was worried when they started this. Originally Morgan would be pestering Jake around his food dish and he would give her a head wamp. She would slink away. Then one day she didn’t and this pursued. They don’t really fight and they sleep together. There is no growling or hissy fits so I guess it just is.


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